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This page is about the Multimeter from Project Red. For other uses, see Multimeter.

ModProject Red
Required modulesCore

The Multimeter (formerly Wire Debugger) is a tool added by Project Red. It is used for debugging:

If MineChem is installed, the Multimeter can be decomposed with the Chemical Decomposer into chemical compounds added by MineChem.



Redstone signal

Data from the multimeter from an Insulated Wire and a Bundled Cable.

Right-clicking with the Multimeter on Red Alloy Wires, all Insulated Wires, Framed Red Alloy Wires, and all Framed Insulated Wires will display the intensity of the redstone signal at the selected point of the wire for three seconds.

Right-clicking with the Multimeter on Bundled Cables, all Colored Bundled Cabless and Framed Bundled Cables will display the current channels and which ones are on at the clicked point on the wire for three seconds. "Off" means that no channel is transmitting a redstone signal. "Numbers" shows the active channels, where each number represents a color/channel, which are listed in the following table:

Number 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Color White Orange Magenta Light Blue Yellow Lime Pink Grey Light Grey Cyan Purple Blue Brown Green Red Black

Electrotine power network

Data from the multimeter from a Low Load Power Line (V = Voltage, A = Electric current, W = Watt).