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The Multifarm is a multiblock automatic farm added by Forestry. It can be configured to support a variety of plants including trees, all vanilla crops, and some modded crops. Multifarms can be built in five different sizes ranging from 15x15 to 27x27. The Multifarm must be supplied with Water, Redstone Flux (RF) and Fertilizer to operate. Multifarms can be constructed from eleven different materials for decorative purposes.

Multifarm structure incomplete

Multifarm structure complete


Multifarms can be constructed in five different sizes. Each successive size requires more farm blocks, and must be provided with more farmland. The following images show the comparative size and layout of each of the farm sizes. The dark area in the center is the Multifarm. The colored areas around are the farmland. Different colors indicate the four configurable regions.

Size LxWxH Radius Footprint Farm Blocks Farm Land Image
Small 3x3x4 7 17x17 36 168 F-Multifarm-Small.png
Medium 3x4x4 9 21x22 48 270 F-Multifarm-Medium.png
Medium-Large 4x4x4 9 22x22 64 288 F-Multifarm-MediumLarge.png
Large 3x5x4 11 25x27 60 396 F-Multifarm-Large.png
Very Large 5x5x4 11 27x27 100 440 F-Multifarm-VeryLarge.png


Getting started

  1. After the size of the farm has been selected, the required number of Farm Blocks must be crafted. For example, a small farm will require 36 Farm Blocks.
  2. Using five of the Farm Blocks, craft a Farm Valve, Farm Gearbox, Farm Control block, and two Farm Hatches.
  3. Place the blocks to create a structure in the dimensions listed in the table above. For example, a small farm should be 3 blocks wide, 3 blocks long and 4 blocks high. Machine blocks can be placed anywhere in the structure, but should be placed in a location where they can be accessed by pipes and conduits.
  4. When the multiblock is correctly assembled, black horizontal bands will appear around the structure as illustrated in the completed structure image.
  5. At least four support blocks must now be placed around the Multifarm. Only Smooth Sandstone, Stone Bricks or Bricks may be used. They may be placed level to any block of the Multifarm, or one block lower. When active, the Multifarm will place Humus farmland blocks on top of these support blocks. The following image illustrates valid levels for farmland.
  6. Connect a water supply to the Farm Valve.
  7. Connect an RF power source to the Farm Gearbox.
  8. Optionally, connect item transport ducts to the Farm Hatches. They may be used to insert Fertilizer and extract produce.
  9. After the support blocks have been placed, open the Multifarm GUI by right-clicking anywhere on the multiblock structure.


  • The Multifarm GUI displays the current levels of Water and Fertilizer. If it is lacking these materials or power warning indicators will be displayed.
  • The right side of the GUI contains two groups of inventory slots. The upper group are for inputs such as Dirt and Seeds and the lower group is for farmed products.
  • In the centre of the Multifarm is a slot for a Circuit Board, which will set the type of farm and type of crops. See the guide on Farm configuration for instructions on how to build and configure a circuit board. When the circuit board is ready, place it in the slot. The farm should change the icons from trees to however the farm has been configured.
  • The Multifarm will not display any errors if it needs Dirt, seeds, saplings, etc.
  • The following image shows a Multifarm configured to automatically grow four types of crops:

Manual operation

A Multifarm in manual mode requires the player to ensure there is valid farmland for the selected crops. Once the farmland is in place, seeds and/or saplings can be put in the Multifarm's inventory, or piped in via the Farm Hatch and planting will commence.

Automatic operation

Before a Multifarm can plant crops, it must be supplied with Dirt, Fertilizer and the seeds or saplings of the plants the player wishes to grow. It will automatically place and till soil as needed and plant seeds.


Multifarms periodically turn Humus or Farmland into Sand and place it in the output inventory. Additionally, Fertilizer is required for the farm to create new Humus. For this reason, it is recommended that the player make use of item transport ducts to automatically pipe Fertilizer and fresh Dirt into the Multifarm.

Example of an operational Multifarm


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