Multi Smelter

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The Multi Smelter is a Furnace able to smelt multible Items at the same Time.

It is build the same way as an Electric Blast Furnace, only with one row Heating Coils less and without a (fluid) input hatch:


The number of items smelted at the same time changes with the used Heating Coils:

  • Cupronickel Coils 6 Items.
  • Kantal Coils 12 Items.
  • Nichrome Coils 18 Items.
  • Insufficient energy supply will destroy the currently processed material.
  • When the Output Bus is full, the Multi Smelter will continue to work and will destroy all newly produced items.
  • Also like every other Gregtech Multiblock: Do NOT build a Multiblock over Chunkborders. This can lead to unpredictable behavior. With NEI installed, the chunkborders can be checked by pressing F9.
  • Before using the Multi Smelter the first time it is recommended to do maintenance at the Maintenance Hatch.
  • To enable/disable the Multi Smelter, hit it with a Soft Hammer. Alternatively place a Machine Controller cover on a controller block and provide a redstone signal.