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Current developersiChun
Supported Minecraft versions1.12.2
Depends oniChun Util
Direwolf20 (1.7.10)
Direwolf20 (1.6.4)
Test Pack Please Ignore

Morph is a mod by iChun designed around shape-shifting. It allows the player to kill certain creatures in the world to obtain their morph. Morphs have different specific abilities. The morphs available to the player can be seen by browsing the GUI, by using the (by default) square bracket keys. New morphs cannot be acquired while morphing. Morphs can be removed with the delete button.

Morph abilities[]

  • Climb will imitate Spiders climbing walls. Players with a morph of this ability will be able to climb walls by simply walking toward them.
  • Fall Negate will prevent fall damage.
  • Fly will give the player flight. Vanilla mobs, such as Bats and Blazes, that fly have this ability. This ability has caused a lot of controversy in the Minecraft Modding community, due to the lack of high-end materials and power required to get this ability.
  • Float will let the player slowly float instead of falling quickly, which helps reduce fall damage. Only the Chicken has this ability.
  • Fire Immunity will make players fire resistant, allowing them to swim in lava. Most mobs found in the Nether have this ability.
  • Hostile is only available when enabled in the config file. It allows the player to be around hostile monsters without being disturbed. Spiders and Slimes will not ignore the player.
  • Swim will allow the player to breathe underwater. If enabled in the config file, it will make the player drown when they are not in water.
  • Sunburn will make the player burn in sunlight like Zombies and Skeletons.
  • Water Allergy will make the player take damage when they come in contact with water, like Endermen and Blazes.
  • Step will allow the player to step up blocks at waist-height without having to jump.

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