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The Morb is a throwable item added by Thermal Expansion 5. It works similarly to Florb but carries mobs instead of fluids. There are 2 variants: the regular Morb and the Reusable Morb. Reusable Morbs will always drop when thrown or processed in a Centrifugal Separator with the Enstabulation Apparatus augment, while the regular Morb only has a chance to drop.



Morbs can be used to capture and move non-boss mobs from a distance. When an empty morb is thrown, it will capture the Mob that it hits, leaving behind a morb containing the mob in question. Throwing a morb with a mob inside of it will spawn the mob at the point where it hits a solid object, carrying over the mob's data, such as damage, armor, name, age, and mob-specific data such as color for sheep.

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