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The Moons pages provide (or don't) moons for an Age in Mystcraft. The category is required, and there are only two options:

  • Normal Moon adds a moon to the sky. It takes modifiers for Phase, Length, and Direction, controlling its position, speed, and direction of motion. It also takes the complex modifier Sunset Color, affecting moonset and moonrise. If no Sunset Color is set, the moon can still be affected by a (rare) global Sunset Color.
  • Dark Moon adds nothing to the sky, but counts to satisfy the category. It takes no modifiers.

It is not currently possible to affect the lunar phase—the "Phase" modifier only affects its position along its path. All moons will match the Overworld's lunar phase. That is, every 24000 game ticks (20 minutes), all moon(s) will advance a phase, regardless of how many or few times they have risen or set.