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Monster Reanimation


Monster Reanimation is a Ritual added by Roots. It can be used to summon a Zombie, a Skeleton, a Spider, a Creeper, a Cave Spider, a Slime or an Enderman.


Each Monster Reanimation Ritual requires a Bone (except for the Slime) plus two items specific to the mob to be summoned to be placed on the Casting Altar, and one Coal and one Nether Wart to be burned in the Incense Brazier. The Ritual requires Attuned Standing Stones to be placed around it.

The two items to be sacrificed on the Casting Altar (along with a Bone) are as follows:

Runic Tablet entry

With a more powerful altar, you think you might be able to apply your previous reanimation rituals to some more powerful and sinister targets. By supplying a bone and some related drops, you can summon forth a mob of your choice on top of the altar.
Runic Tablet


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