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Monastic Bee
Latin Name Monapis monachus Description
Discovered by Sengir "I remained austere and said to him:
'Not only a princess, but also a whole pile
of emeralds for a measly drone? That's extortion!'"
Added by Mod Forestry
Branch Monastic Branch
isNocturnal No
Product Specialty

Wheaten Comb
Base Chance: 30%
Mellow Comb
Base Chance: 10%

Default Attributes

Speed Slower Cave Dwelling No
Lifespan Long Nocturnal No
Fertility 1 Drones Rain Tolerant No
Pollination Faster Temperature Normal
Territory 9x6x9 Temp. Tolerance +-1
Flowers Wheat Humidity Normal
Effect None Humid. Tolerance +-1


Acquired from Mutates to

This bee is traded from villagers.

It cannot be bred.

Parent 1 Parent 2 Result Chance

Monastic Bee

Austere Bee

Secluded Bee

Monastic Bee

Secluded Bee

Hermitic Bee

Monastic Bee

Arcane Bee

Pupil Bee

Monastic Bee

Vindictive Bee

Vengeful Bee

Special Notes

  • To produce its specialty, no entity may be in the territory of this bee.