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local p = {}
p.navbox = function(navbox, highlightline, group, list, line, ni, nid, l)
local te5 = l{"Thermal Expansion 5", [=[Thermal Expansion 5]=]}

local blocks = [=[Blocks]=]
local machines = [=[Machines]=]
local dynamos = [=[Dynamos]=]
local devices = [=[Devices]=]
local misc = [=[Misc]=]

local items = [=[Items]=]
local frames = [=[Frames]=]
local augments = [=[Augments]=]
local enchantments = [=[Enchantments]=]

return navbox{title = te5, mod = "TE5", modname = "Thermal Expansion 5",
	group{name = "blocks", title = blocks,
		list{title = machines,
			ni{"Redstone Furnace (Basic)", "Redstone Furnace (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Redstone Furnace]=]},
			ni{"Pulverizer (Basic)", "Pulverizer (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Pulverizer]=]},
			ni{"Sawmill (Basic)", "Sawmill (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Sawmill]=]},
			ni{"Induction Smelter (Basic)", "Induction Smelter (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Induction Smelter]=]},
			ni{"Phytogenic Insolator (Basic)", "Phytogenic Insolator (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Phytogenic Insolator]=]},
			ni{"Compactor (Basic)", "Compactor", [=[Compactor]=]},
			ni{"Magma Crucible (Basic)", "Magma Crucible (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Magma Crucible]=]},
			ni{"Fractionating Still (Basic)", "Fractionating Still", [=[Fractionating Still]=]},
			ni{"Fluid Transposer (Basic)", "Fluid Transposer (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Fluid Transposer]=]},
			ni{"Energetic Infuser (Basic)", "Energetic Infuser (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Energetic Infuser]=]},
			ni{"Centrifugal Separator (Basic)", "Centrifugal Separator", [=[Centrifugal Separator]=]},
			ni{"Sequential Fabricator (Basic)", "Sequential Fabricator", [=[Sequential Fabricator]=]},
			ni{"Alchemical Imbuer (Basic)", "Alchemical Imbuer", [=[Alchemical Imbuer]=]},
			ni{"Arcane Ensorcellator (Basic)", "Arcane Ensorcellator", [=[Arcane Ensorcellator]=]},
			ni{"Glacial Precipitator (Basic)", "Glacial Precipitator (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Glacial Precipitator]=]},
			ni{"Igneous Extruder (Basic)", "Igneous Extruder (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Igneous Extruder]=]}
		list{title = dynamos,
			ni{"Steam Dynamo (Basic)", "Steam Dynamo (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Steam Dynamo]=]},
			ni{"Magmatic Dynamo (Basic)", "Magmatic Dynamo (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Magmatic Dynamo]=]},
			ni{"Compression Dynamo (Basic)", "Compression Dynamo (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Compression Dynamo]=]},
			ni{"Reactant Dynamo (Basic)", "Reactant Dynamo (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Reactant Dynamo]=]},
			ni{"Enervation Dynamo (Basic)", "Enervation Dynamo (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Enervation Dynamo]=]},
			ni{"Numismatic Dynamo (Basic)", "Numismatic Dynamo", [=[Numismatic Dynamo]=]}
		list{title = devices,
			nid{"Aqueous Accumulator"},
			ni{"Thermal Mediator"},
			ni{"Arboreal Extractor"},
			ni{"Aquatic Entangler"},
			ni{"Item Allocator"},
			ni{"Fluid Allocator"},
			ni{"Lexical Transmuter"},
			ni{"Insightful Condenser"},
			ni{"Decoctive Diffuser"},
			ni{"Creature Encaptulator"},
		list{title = misc,
			ni{"Energy Cell (Basic)", "Energy Cell (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Energy Cell]=]},
			ni{"Portable Tank (Basic)", "Portable Tank (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Portable Tank]=]},
			ni{"Cache (Basic)", "Cache (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Cache]=]},
			ni{"Strongbox (Basic)", "Strongbox (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Strongbox]=]}
	group{name = "items", title = items,
		list{title = frames,
			nid{"Machine Frame"},
			ni{"Device Frame"},
			ni{"Energy Cell Frame"},
			ni{"Hardened Cell Frame"},
			ni{"Reinforced Cell Frame (Empty)"},
			ni{"Signalum Cell Frame (Empty)"},
			ni{"Resonant Cell Frame (Empty)"},
			ni{"Reinforced Cell Frame (Full)"},
			ni{"Signalum Cell Frame (Full)"},
			ni{"Resonant Cell Frame (Full)"}
		list{title = augments,
			list{title = machines,
				ni{"Augment: Auxiliary Reception Coil", "Augment: Auxiliary Reception Coil", [=[Auxiliary Reception Coil]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Auxiliary Sieve", "Augment: Auxiliary Sieve", [=[Auxiliary Sieve]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Nullification Chamber", "Augment: Nullification Chamber", [=[Nullification Chamber]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Trivection Chamber", "Augment: Trivection Chamber", [=[Trivection Chamber]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Flux Anodizers", "Augment: Flux Anodizers", [=[Flux Anodizers]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Pyrolytic Conversion", "Augment: Pyrolytic Conversion", [=[Pyrolytic Conversion]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Tectonic Initiator", "Augment: Tectonic Initiator", [=[Tectonic Initiator]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Resin Funnel", "Augment: Resin Funnel", [=[Resin Funnel]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Metallurgical Recovery", "Augment: Metallurgical Recovery", [=[Metallurgical Recovery]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Pyro-Concentrator", "Augment: Pyro-Concentrator", [=[Pyro-Concentrator]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Nutrient Recovery", "Augment: Nutrient Recovery", [=[Nutrient Recovery]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Sapling Infuser", "Augment: Sapling Infuser", [=[Sapling Infuser]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Monoculture Cycle", "Augment: Monoculture Cycle", [=[Monoculture Cycle]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Numismatic Press", "Augment: Numismatic Press", [=[Numismatic Press]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Gearworking Die", "Augment: Gearworking Die", [=[Gearworking Die]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Pyroconvective Loop", "Augment: Pyroconvective Loop", [=[Pyroconvective Loop]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Reflux Column", "Augment: Reflux Column", [=[Reflux Column]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Alchemical Retort", "Augment: Alchemical Retort", [=[Alchemical Retort]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Flux Linkage Concentrator", "Augment: Flux Linkage Concentrator", [=[Flux Linkage Concentrator]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Flux Reconstruction", "Augment: Flux Reconstruction", [=[Flux Reconstruction]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Parabolic Flux Coupling", "Augment: Parabolic Flux Coupling", [=[Parabolic Flux Coupling]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Enstabulation Apparatus", "Augment: Enstabulation Apparatus", [=[Enstabulation Apparatus]=]},				
				ni{"Augment: Pattern Validation", "Augment: Pattern Validation", [=[Pattern Validation]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Fluidic Fabrication", "Augment: Fluidic Fabrication", [=[Fluidic Fabrication]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Reagent Recovery", "Augment: Reagent Recovery", [=[Reagent Recovery]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Pyroclastic Injection", "Augment: Pyroclastic Injection", [=[Pyroclastic Injection]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Clastic Deposition", "Augment: Clastic Deposition", [=[Clastic Deposition]=]}
			list{title = dynamos,
				ni{"Augment: Auxiliary Transmission Coil", "Augment: Auxiliary Transmission Coil", [=[Auxiliary Transmission Coil]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Fuel Catalyzer", "Augment: Fuel Catalyzer", [=[Fuel Catalyzer]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Transmission Coil Ducting", "Augment: Transmission Coil Ducting", [=[Transmission Coil Ducting]=]},
				nid{"Augment: Excitation Field Limiter", [=[Excitation Field Limiter]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Boiler Conversion", "Augment: Boiler Conversion", [=[Boiler Conversion]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Turbine Conversion", "Augment: Turbine Conversion", [=[Turbine Conversion]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Isentropic Reservoir", "Augment: Isentropic Reservoir", [=[Isentropic Reservoir]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Closed-Loop Cooling", "Augment: Closed-Loop Cooling", [=[Closed-Loop Cooling]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Ignition Plugs", "Augment: Ignition Plugs", [=[Ignition Plugs]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Agitative Manifold", "Augment: Agitative Manifold", [=[Agitative Manifold]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Elemental Catalyzer", "Augment: Elemental Catalyzer", [=[Elemental Catalyzer]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Disjunctive Extraction", "Augment: Disjunctive Extraction", [=[Disjunctive Extraction]=]},
				ni{"Augment: Lapidary Calibration", "Augment: Lapidary Calibration", [=[Lapidary Calibration]=]}
		list{title = misc,
			ni{"Flux Capacitor (Basic)", "Flux Capacitor", [=[Flux Capacitor]=]},
			ni{"Reservoir (Basic)", "Reservoir (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Reservoir]=]},
			ni{"Satchel (Basic)", "Satchel (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Satchel]=]},
			ni{"Florb (Empty)", "Florb (Thermal Expansion 5)", [=[Florb]=]},
			ni{"Morb (Empty)", "Morb", [=[Morb]=]}

return p