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--<languages />
local p = {}
p.navbox = function(navbox, highlightline, group, list, line, ni, nid, l)

local rts2 = l{"Roots 2", [=[Roots 2]=]}

local blocks = [=[Blocks]=]
local utils = [=[Utilities]=]
local misc = [=[Misc]=]

local items = [=[Items]=]
local crops = [=[Crops]=]
local books = [=[Books]=]
local knives = [=[Knives]=]
local hammers = [=[Hammers]=]
local components = [=[Components]=]

local spells = l{"Spells", [=[Spells]=]}
local rituals = l{"Rituals", [=[Rituals]=]}
local structures = [=[Structures]=]
local creatures = [=[Creatures]=]

return navbox{title = rts2, mod = "RTS2", modname = "Roots 2",
	group{name = "blocks", title = blocks,
		list{title = utils,
			ni{"Divination Plate"}
		list{title = misc,
			ni{"Runestone Brick"},
			ni{"Chiseled Runestone"},
			ni{"Fairy Dust"}--This might look like an item but it is not -bony
	group{name = "items", title = items,
		list{title = crops,
			ni{"Moonglow Seed"},
			ni{"Terra Moss Spore"},
		list{title = books,
			ni{"Book of Herblore"},
			ni{"Book of Spellcraft"},
			ni{"Book of the Natural Arts"},
			ni{"Book of the Forbidden"}
		list{title = knives,
			ni{"Wooden Knife"},
			ni{"Stone Knife"},
			ni{"Iron Knife"},
			ni{"Golden Knife"},
			ni{"Diamond Knife"}
		list{title = hammers,
			ni{"Wooden Hammer"},
			ni{"Stone Hammer"},
			ni{"Iron Hammer"},
			ni{"Golden Hammer"},
			ni{"Diamond Hammer"}
		list{title = components,
			ni{"Moonglow Leaf"},
			ni{"Terra Moss"},
			ni{"Peresika Bulb"},
			ni{"Peresika Blossom"},
			ni{"Oak Bark"},
			ni{"Spruce Bark"},
			ni{"Birch Bark"},
			ni{"Jungle Bark"},
			ni{"Dark Oak Bark"},
			ni{"Acacia Bark"},
			ni{"Spirit Herb"},
			ni{"Dwindle Dust"},
			ni{"Totem Fragment"}
		list{title = misc,
			ni{"Powder Pouch"},
			ni{"Wooden Shears"},
	group{name = "misc", title = misc,
		list{title = spells,
			ni{mod = "V", "Orange Tulip", "Wildfire", [=[Wildfire]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Dandelion", "Dandelion Winds", [=[Wildfire]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Allium", "Acid Cloud", [=[Wildfire]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Azure Bluet", "Shatter", [=[Wildfire]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Red Tulip", "Sanctuary", [=[Wildfire]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Rose Bush", "Rose's Thorns", [=[Wildfire]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Blue Orchid", "Gravity Boost", [=[Wildfire]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Lilac", "Growth Infusion", [=[Wildfire]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Peony", "Petal Shell", [=[Wildfire]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Poppy", "Mind Ward", [=[Wildfire]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Pink Tulip", "Life Drain", [=[Wildfire]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "White Tulip", "Light Drifter", [=[Wildfire]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Sunflower", "Radiance", [=[Wildfire]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Oxeye Daisy", "Time Stop", [=[Wildfire]=]}
		list{title = rituals,
			ni{mod = "V", "Seeds", "Ritual of Life", [=[Ritual of Life]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Bucket of Water", "Rite of the Storm", [=[Rite of the Storm]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Glowstone Dust", "Ritual of Light", [=[Ritual of Light]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Spruce Sapling", "Rite of Regrowth", [=[Rite of Regrowth]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Blaze Powder", "Storm of Fire", [=[Storm of Fire]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Feather", "Wall of the Winds", [=[Wall of the Winds]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Leather Chestplate", "Ritual of the Warden", [=[Ritual of the Warden]=]},
			ni{mod = "V", "Wheat", "Ritual of Sacrifice", [=[Ritual of Sacrifice]=]},
			ni{"Birch Bark", "Ritual: Sylvan Glow", [=[Ritual: Sylvan Glow]=]},
			ni{"Dwindle Dust", "Awakening of the Vile", [=[Awakening of the Vile]=]}
		list{title = structure,
			l{"Barrow", [=[Barrow]=]},
			l{"Fairy Pool", [=[Fairy Pool]=]},
			l{"Garden", [=[Garden]=]},
			l{"Hut", [=[Hut]=]},
			l{"Ley Marker", [=[Ley Marker]=]},
			l{"Standing Stones", [=[Standing Stones]=]}
		list{title = creatures,
			ni{"Spawn Deer", "Deer", [=[Deer]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Sprout", "Sprout", [=[Sprout]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Vile Shade", "Vile Shade", [=[Vile Shade]=]},
			ni{"Spawn Fairy", "Fairy", [=[Fairy]=]}

return p