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local p = {}
p.navbox = function(navbox, highlightline, group, list, line, ni, nid, l)

local pe = l{"ProjectE", [=[ProjectE]=]}

local blocks = [=[Blocks]=]
local chests = [=[Chests]=]
local emcgenerators = [=[EMC generators]=]
local emcconsumers = [=[EMC consumers]=]
local explosives = [=[Explosives]=]
local storageblocks = [=[Storage blocks]=]
local misc = [=[Misc]=]

local items = [=[Items]=]
local kleinstars = [=[Klein Stars]=]
local dust = [=[Dust]=]
local fuel = [=[Fuel]=]
local baubles = [=[Baubles]=]
local darkmatterarmor = [=[Dark Matter armor]=]
local redmatterarmor = [=[Red Matter armor]=]
local gemarmor = [=[Gem armor]=]
local darkmattertools = [=[Dark Matter tools]=]
local redmattertools = [=[Red Matter tools]=]
local miscutils = [=[Misc utilities]=]
local components = [=[Components]=]

return navbox{title = pe, mod = "PE", modname = "ProjectE",
	group{name = "blocks", title = blocks,
		list{title = chests,
			nid{"Alchemical Chest"},
			nid{"Energy Condenser"},
			ni{"Energy Condenser MK2"}
		list{title = emcgenerators,
			ni{"Energy Collector MK1"},
			ni{"Energy Collector MK2"},
			ni{"Energy Collector MK3"},
			ni{"Anti-Matter Relay MK1"},
			ni{"Anti-Matter Relay MK2"},
			ni{"Anti-Matter Relay MK3"},
		list{title = emcconsumers,
			ni{"Dark Matter Furnace"},
			ni{"Red Matter Furnace"}
		list{title = explosives,
			nid{"Nova Catalyst"},
			nid{"Nova Cataclysm"}
		list{title = storageblocks,
			nid{"Alchemical Coal Block"},
			ni{"Mobius Fuel Block"},
			ni{"Aeternalis Fuel Block"},
			nid{"Dark Matter Block"},
			ni{"Red Matter Block"},
		list{title = misc,
			ni{"Dark Matter Pedestal"},
			nid{"Interdiction Torch"},
			ni{"Transmutation Table"},
	group{name = "items", title = items,
		list{title = kleinstars,
			nid{"Klein Star Ein"},
			nid{"Klein Star Zwei"},
			nid{"Klein Star Drei"},
			nid{"Klein Star Vier"},
			nid{"Klein Star Sphere"},
			nid{"Klein Star Omega"}
		list{title = dust,
			ni{"Low Covalence Dust"},
			ni{"Medium Covalence Dust"},
			ni{"High Covalence Dust"},
		list{title = fuel,
			nid{"Alchemical Coal"},
			nid{"Mobius Fuel"},
			nid{"Aeternalis Fuel"},
			nid{"Dark Matter"},
			nid{"Red Matter"},
		list{title = baubles,
			ni{"Repair Talisman"},
			nid{"Black Hole Band"},
			ni{"Ignition Ring"},
			nid{"Zero Ring"},
			nid{"Swiftwolf's Rending Gale"},
			nid{"Watch of Flowing Time"},
			nid{"Gem of Eternal Density"},
			nid{"Void Ring"},
			ni{"Ring of Arcana (blue)", "Ring of Arcana (ProjectE)", [=[Ring of Arcana]=]},
			nid{"Body Stone"},
			nid{"Soul Stone"},
			nid{"Mind Stone"},
			nid{"Life Stone"},
			nid{"Evertide Amulet"},
			nid{"Volcanite Amulet"}
		list{title = darkmatterarmor,
			nid{"Dark Matter Helmet"},
			ni{"Dark Matter Chestplate"},
			ni{"Dark Matter Leggings"},
			nid{"Dark Matter Boots"}
		list{title = redmatterarmor,
			nid{"Red Matter Helmet"},
			ni{"Red Matter Chestplate"},
			ni{"Red Matter Leggings"},
			nid{"Red Matter Boots"}
		list{title = gemarmor,
			ni{"Gem Helmet"},
			ni{"Gem Chestplate"},
			ni{"Gem Leggings"},
			ni{"Gem Boots"}
		list{title = darkmattertools,
			nid{"Dark Matter Pickaxe"},
			nid{"Dark Matter Axe"},
			nid{"Dark Matter Shovel"},
			nid{"Dark Matter Sword"},
			nid{"Dark Matter Hoe"},
			nid{"Dark Matter Shears"},
			nid{"Dark Matter Hammer"}
		list{title = redmattertools,
			nid{"Red Matter Pickaxe"},
			nid{"Red Matter Axe"},
			nid{"Red Matter Shovel"},
			nid{"Red Matter Sword"},
			nid{"Red Matter Hoe"},
			nid{"Red Matter Shears"},
			nid{"Red Matter Hammer"},
			nid{"Red Katar"},
			ni{"Red Morningstar"}
		list{title = miscutils,
			nid{"Philosopher's Stone"},
			ni{"Alchemical Bag (White)", "Alchemical Bag", [=[Alchemical Bag]=]},
			nid{"Archangel's Smite"},
			nid{"Harvest Goddess Band"},
			ni{"Divining Rod (low)"},
			ni{"Divining Rod (medium)"},
			ni{"Divining Rod (high)"},
			nid{"Mercurial Eye"},
			nid{"Destruction Catalyst"},
			nid{"Hyperkinetic Lens"},
			nid{"Catalytic Lens"},
			nid{"Tome of Knowledge"},
			nid{"Transmutation Tablet"},
			ni{"Book of the Alchemist (WIP)"}
		list{title = components,
			nid{"Iron Band"}

return p