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--<languages />
local p = {}
p.navbox = function(navbox, highlightline, group, list, line, ni, nid, l)

local natura = l{"Natura", [=[Natura]=]}

local world = [=[World]=]
local trees = [=[Trees]=]
local berrybushes = [=[Berry Bushes]=]
local glowshrooms = [=[Glowshrooms]=]
local other = [=[Other]=]

local items = [=[Items]=]
local berries = [=[Berries]=]
local otherfood = [=[Other Food]=]
local sticks = [=[Sticks]=]

local tools = [=[Tools]=]
local ghostwood = [=[Ghostwood]=]
local bloodwood = [=[Bloodwood]=]
local darkwood = [=[Darkwood]=]
local fusewood = [=[Fusewood]=]
local quartz = [=[Quartz]=]
local impskin = [=[Impskin]=]
local utility = [=[Utility]=]

local blocks = [=[Blocks]=]
local logblocks = [=[Log Blocks]=]
local leafblocks = [=[Leaf Blocks]=]
local planks = [=[Planks]=]
local doors = [=[Doors]=]
local nether = [=[Nether]=]

local creatures = [=[Creatures]=]

return navbox{title = natura, mod = "N", modname = "Natura",
	group{name = "world", title = world,
		list{title = trees,--[[]]
			ni{"Redwood Sapling", "Redwood Sapling (Natura)", "Redwood"},
			ni{"Eucalyptus Sapling", "Eucalyptus Sapling (Natura)", "Eucalyptus"},
			ni{"Hopseed Sapling", "Hopseed Sapling", "Hopseed"},
			ni{"Sakura Sapling", "Sakura Sapling (Natura)", "Sakura"},
			ni{"Ghostwood Sapling", "Ghostwood Sapling", "Ghostwood"},
			ni{"Bloodwood Sapling", "Bloodwood Sapling", "Bloodwood"},
			ni{"Darkwood Sapling", "Darkwood Sapling", "Darkwood"},
			ni{"Fusewood Sapling", "Fusewood Sapling", "Fusewood"},
			ni{"Maple Sapling", "Maple Sapling (Natura)", "Maple"},
			ni{"Silverbell Sapling", "Silverbell Sapling", "Silverbell"},
			ni{"Amaranth Sapling", "Amaranth", "Amaranth"},
			ni{"Tigerwood Sapling", "Tigerwood Sapling", "Tigerwood"},
			ni{"Willow Sapling", "Willow Sapling (Natura)", "Willow"}--[[]]
		list{title = berrybushes,--[[]]
			ni{"Blightberry Bush", "Blightberry Bush", "Blightberry"},
			ni{"Duskberry Bush", "Duskberry Bush", "Duskberry"},
			ni{"Skyberry Bush", "Skyberry Bush", "Skyberry"},
			ni{"Stingberry Bush", "Stingberry Bush", "Stingberry"},
			ni{"Maloberry Bush", "Maloberry Bush", "Maloberry"},
			ni{"Blueberry Bush", "Blueberry Bush (Natura)", "Blueberry"},
			ni{"Raspberry Bush", "Raspberry Bush (Natura)", "Raspberry"},
			ni{"Blackberry Bush", "Blackberry Bush (Natura)", "Blackberry"}--[[]]
		list{title = glowshrooms,--[[]]
			ni{"Green Glowshroom (item)", "Green Glowshroom", "Green"},
			ni{"Purple Glowshroom (item)", "Purple Glowshroom", "Purple"},
			ni{"Blue Glowshroom (item)", "Blue Glowshroom", "Blue"}--[[]]
		list{title = other,--[[]]
			ni{"Cloud", "Cloud (Natura)", "Cloud"},
			ni{"Dark Cloud"},
			ni{"Ash Cloud"},
			ni{"Sulfur Cloud"},
			ni{"Cotton Seeds", "Cotton Seeds", "Cotton"},
			ni{"Barley Seeds", "Barley Seeds", "Barley"},
	group{name = "items", title = items,
		list{title = berries,--[[]]
			ni{"Blueberry", "Blueberry (Natura)", "Blueberry"},
			ni{"Raspberry", "Raspberry (Natura)", "Raspberry"},
			ni{"Blackberry", "Blackberry (Natura)", "Blackberry"},
			ni{"Berry Medley"}--[[]]
		list{title = otherfood,--[[]]
			ni{"Barley", "Barley (Natura)", "Barley"},
			ni{"Barley Flour"},
			ni{"Wheat Flour", "Wheat Flour (Natura)", "Wheat Flour"},
			nid{"Cactus Juice"},
			ni{"Saguaro Fruit (Item)", "Saguaro Fruit"},
			ni{"Potash Apple"},
			ni{"Raw Imphide"},
			ni{"Cooked Imphide"},
			ni{"Glowshroom Stew (Wood)", "Glowshroom Stew", "Glowshroom Stew"}--[[]]
		list{title = sticks,--[[]]
			ni{"Eucalyptus Sticks", "Eucalyptus Sticks", "Eucalyptus"},
			ni{"Sakura Sticks", "Sakura Sticks", "Sakura"},
			ni{"Ghostwood Sticks", "Ghostwood Sticks", "Ghostwood"},
			ni{"Redwood Sticks", "Redwood Sticks", "Redwood"},
			ni{"Bloodwood Sticks", "Bloodwood Sticks", "Bloodwood"},
			ni{"Hopseed Sticks", "Hopseed Sticks", "Hopseed"},
			ni{"Maple Sticks", "Maple Sticks", "Maple"},
			ni{"Silverbell Sticks", "Silverbell Sticks", "Silverbell"},
			ni{"Amaranth Sticks", "Amaranth Sticks", "Amaranth"},
			ni{"Tiger Sticks", "Tiger Sticks", "Tiger"},
			ni{"Willow Sticks", "Willow Sticks", "Willow"},
			ni{"Darkwood Sticks", "Darkwood Sticks", "Darkwood"},
			ni{"Fusewood Sticks", "Fusewood Sticks", "Fusewood"}--[[]]
		list{title = other,--[[]]
			ni{"Cotton", "Cotton (Natura)", "Cotton"},
			ni{"Sulfur", "Sulfur (Natura)", "Sulfur"},
			ni{"Ghostwood Fletching"},
			ni{"Imp Leather"},
			ni{"Blue Dye", "Blue Dye (Natura)", "Blue Dye"},
			ni{"Carrot Bag"},
			ni{"Nether Wart Bag"},
			ni{"Cotton Seed Bag"},
			ni{"Wheat Seed Bag"},
			ni{"Potato Bag"},
			ni{"Barley Seed Bag"},
			ni{"Bone Meal Bag"}--[[]]
	group{name = "tools", title = tools,
		list{title = ghostwood,--[[]]
			ni{"Ghostwood Sword", "Ghostwood Sword", "Sword"},
			ni{"Ghostwood Pickaxe", "Ghostwood Pickaxe", "Pickaxe"},
			ni{"Ghostwood Shovel", "Ghostwood Shovel", "Shovel"},
			ni{"Ghostwood Hatchet", "Ghostwood Hatchet", "Hatchet"},
			ni{"Ghostwood Kama", "Ghostwood Kama", "Kama"},
			ni{"Ghostwood Bow", "Ghostwood Bow", "Bow"}--[[]]
		list{title = bloodwood,--[[]]
			ni{"Bloodwood Sword", "Bloodwood Sword", "Sword"},
			ni{"Bloodwood Pickaxe", "Bloodwood Pickaxe", "Pickaxe"},
			ni{"Bloodwood Shovel", "Bloodwood Shovel", "Shovel"},
			ni{"Bloodwood Hatchet", "Bloodwood Hatchet", "Hatchet"},
			ni{"Bloodwood Kama", "Bloodwood Kama", "Kama"},
			ni{"Bloodwood Bow", "Bloodwood Bow", "Bow"}--[[]]
		list{title = darkwood,--[[]]
			ni{"Darkwood Sword", "Darkwood Sword", "Sword"},
			ni{"Darkwood Pickaxe", "Darkwood Pickaxe", "Pickaxe"},
			ni{"Darkwood Shovel", "Darkwood Shovel", "Shovel"},
			ni{"Darkwood Hatchet", "Darkwood Hatchet", "Hatchet"},
			ni{"Darkwood Kama", "Darkwood Kama", "Kama"},
			ni{"Darkwood Bow", "Darkwood Bow", "Bow"}--[[]]
		list{title = fusewood,--[[]]
			ni{"Fusewood Sword", "Fusewood Sword", "Sword"},
			ni{"Fusewood Pickaxe", "Fusewood Pickaxe", "Pickaxe"},
			ni{"Fusewood Shovel", "Fusewood Shovel", "Shovel"},
			ni{"Fusewood Hatchet", "Fusewood Hatchet", "Hatchet"},
			ni{"Fusewood Kama", "Fusewood Kama", "Kama"},
			ni{"Fusewood Bow", "Fusewood Bow", "Bow"}--[[]]
		list{title = quartz,--[[]]
			ni{"Quartz Sword", "Quartz Sword (Natura)", "Sword"},
			ni{"Quartz Pickaxe", "Quartz Pickaxe (Natura)", "Pickaxe"},
			ni{"Quartz Shovel", "Quartz Shovel (Natura)", "Shovel"},
			ni{"Quartz Hatchet", "Quartz Hatchet", "Hatchet"},
			ni{"Quartz Kama", "Quartz Kama", "Kama"}--[[]]
		list{title = impskin,--[[]]
			ni{"Impskin Helmet", "Impskin Helmet", "Helmet"},
			ni{"Impskin Jerkin", "Impskin Jerkin", "Jerkin"},
			ni{"Impskin Leggings", "Impskin Leggings", "Leggings"},
			ni{"Impskin Boots", "Impskin Boots", "Boots"}--[[]]
		list{title = utility,--[[]]
			ni{"Flint and Blaze"}--[[]]
	group{name = "blocks", title = blocks,
		list{title = logblocks,--[[]]
			ni{"Eucalyptus Wood", "Eucalyptus Wood", "Eucalyptus"},
			ni{"Sakura Wood", "Sakura Wood", "Sakura"},
			ni{"Hopseed Wood", "Hopseed Wood", "Hopseed"},
			ni{"Redwood Bark"},
			ni{"Redwood Root"},
			ni{"Maple Wood", "Maple Wood (Natura)", "Maple"},
			ni{"Silverbell Wood", "Silverbell Wood", "Silverbell"},
			ni{"Amaranth Wood", "Amaranth Wood", "Amaranth"},
			ni{"Tiger Wood", "Tiger Wood", "Tiger"},
			ni{"Willow Wood", "Willow Wood", "Willow"}--[[]]
		list{title = leafblocks,--[[]]
			ni{"Eucalyptus Leaves", "Eucalyptus Leaves", "Eucalyptus"},
			ni{"Sakura Leaves", "Sakura Leaves (Natura)", "Sakura"},
			ni{"Ghostwood Leaves", "Ghostwood Leaves", "Ghostwood"},
			ni{"Hopseed Leaves", "Hopseed Leaves", "Hopseed"},
			ni{"Redwood Leaves", "Redwood Leaves (Natura)", "Redwood"},
			nid{"Blood Leaves"},
			ni{"Darkwood Leaves", "Darkwood Leaves (Natura)", "Darkwood"},
			ni{"Fusewood Leaves", "Fusewood Leaves", "Fusewood"},
			ni{"Maple Leaves", "Maple Leaves", "Maple"},
			ni{"Silverbell Leaves", "Silverbell Leaves", "Silverbell"},
			ni{"Amaranth Leaves", "Amaranth Leaves", "Amaranth"},
			ni{"Tiger Leaves", "Tiger Leaves", "Tiger"},
			ni{"Willow Leaves", "Willow Leaves", "Willow"}--[[]]
		list{title = planks,--[[]]
			ni{"Eucalyptus Planks", "Eucalyptus Planks", "Eucalyptus"},
			ni{"Sakura Planks", "Sakura Planks", "Sakura"},
			ni{"Ghostwood Planks", "Ghostwood Planks", "Ghostwood"},
			ni{"Hopseed Planks", "Hopseed Planks", "Hopseed"},
			ni{"Redwood Planks", "Redwood Planks (Natura)", "Redwood"},
			ni{"Bloodwood Planks", "Bloodwood Planks", "Bloodwood"},
			ni{"Darkwood Planks", "Darkwood Planks", "Darkwood"},
			ni{"Fusewood Planks", "Fusewood Planks", "Fusewood"},
			ni{"Maple Planks", "Maple Planks", "Maple"},
			ni{"Silverbell Planks", "Silverbell Planks", "Silverbell"},
			ni{"Amaranth Planks", "Amaranth Planks", "Amaranth"},
			ni{"Tigerwood Planks", "Tigerwood Planks", "Tigerwood"},
			ni{"Willow Planks", "Willow Planks", "Willow"}--[[]]
		list{title = doors,--[[]]
			ni{"Redwood Door", "Redwood Door (Natura)", "Redwood"},
			ni{"Eucalyptus Door", "Eucalyptus Door", "Eucalyptus"},
			ni{"Hopseed Door", "Hopseed Door", "Hopseed"},
			ni{"Sakura Door", "Sakura Door (Natura)", "Sakura"},
			ni{"Ghostwood Door", "Ghostwood Door", "Ghostwood"},
			ni{"Bloodwood Door", "Bloodwood Door", "Bloodwood"},
			ni{"Redwood Bark Door", "Redwood Bark Door", "Redwood Bark"}--[[]]
		list{title = nether,--[[]]
			ni{"Heat Sand"},
			ni{"Tainted Soil (0)", "Tainted Soil (Natura)", "Tainted Soil"},
			ni{"Blaze Rail"},
			ni{"Powered Blaze Rail"},
			ni{"Detector Blaze Rail"},
			ni{"Activator Blaze Rail"},
			ni{"Nether Furnace"},
			ni{"Inactive Respawn Obelisk", "Respawn Obelisk", "Respawn Obelisk"},
			nid{"Soul Glass"},
			ni{"Heat Glass"},
			ni{"Blaze Hopper"}--[[]]
		list{title = other,--[[]]
			ni{"Topiary Grass"},
			ni{"Autumnal Grass"}--[[]]
	group{name = "creatures", title = creatures,
		list{title = creatures,--[[]]
			ni{"Heatscar Spider"},
			ni{"Baby Heatscar Spider"},
			ni{"Nitro Creeper"}--[[]]

return p