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local p = {}
p.navbox = function(navbox, highlightline, group, list, line, ni, nid, l)

local ftb = l{"Feed The Beast", [=[Official Feed The Beast modpacks]=]}

local v1_16 = [=[1.16 modpacks]=]
local v1_15 = [=[1.15 modpacks]=]
local v1_14 = [=[1.14 modpacks]=]
local v1_12 = [=[1.12 modpacks]=]
local v1_10_2 = [=[1.10.2 modpacks]=]
local v1_9_4 = [=[1.9.4 modpacks]=]
local v1_8_9 = [=[1.8.9 modpacks]=]
local v1_7_10 = [=[1.7.10 modpacks]=]
local v1_6_4 = [=[1.6.4 modpacks]=]
local v1_5_2 = [=[1.5.2 modpacks]=]
local v1_4_7 = [=[1.4.7 modpacks]=]
local v1_4_2 = [=[1.4.2 modpacks]=]
local v1_2_5 = [=[1.2.5 modpacks]=]
local comparisons = [=[Comparisons]=]

return navbox{title = ftb,
	list{title = v1_16,
		l{"FTB Endeavour", [=[FTB Endeavour]=]},
		l{"Direwolf20 1.16", [=[Direwolf20 1.16]=]},
		l{"Unstable 1.16", [=[Unstable]=]},
		l{"FTB Cotton", [=[FTB Cotton]=]},
		l{"FTB Academy 1.16", [=[FTB Academy 1.16]=]}
	list{title = v1_15,
		l{"FTB Omnia", [=[FTB Omnia]=]}
	list{title = v1_14,
		l{"Unstable 1.14", [=[Unstable]=]}
	list{title = v1_12,
		l{"FTB University", [=[FTB University]=]},
		l{"FTB Academy", [=[FTB Academy]=]},
		l{"FTB Builders Paradise", [=[FTB Builders Paradise]=]},
		l{"FTB Interactions", [=[FTB Interactions]=]},
		l{"FTB Sky Odyssey", [=[FTB Sky Odyssey]=]},
		l{"FTB Ultimate Reloaded", [=[FTB Ultimate Reloaded]=]},
		l{"FTB Stoneblock 2", [=[FTB Stoneblock 2]=]},
		l{"FTB Sky Adventures", [=[FTB Sky Adventures]=]},
		l{"FTB Continuum", [=[FTB Continuum]=]},
		l{"FTB Pyramid Reborn", [=[FTB Pyramid Reborn]=]},
		l{"FTB Revelation", [=[FTB Revelation]=]},
		l{"Feed The Beast Egg Hunt", [=[Feed The Beast Egg Hunt]=]},
		l{"FTB Horizons III", [=[Horizons III]=]},
		l{"Unstable 1.12", [=[Unstable]=]},
		l{"Direwolf20 1.12", [=[Direwolf20]=]}
	list{title = v1_10_2,
		l{"FTB Beyond", [=[Beyond]=]},
		l{"Direwolf20 1.10.2", [=[Direwolf20]=]},
		l{"HermitPack", [=[HermitPack]=]},
		l{"FTB Infinity Lite 1.10", [=[Infinity Lite]=]},
		l{"SkyFactory 3", [=[SkyFactory 3]=]},
		l{"FTB Skyfactory Challenges", [=[Skyfactory Challenges]=]},
		l{"Unstable 1.10", [=[Unstable]=]}
	list{title = v1_9_4,
		l{"Unstable 1.9", [=[Unstable]=]}
	list{title = v1_8_9,
		l{"Unstable 1.8", [=[Unstable]=]}
	list{title = v1_7_10,
		l{"Crackpack", [=[Crackpack]=]},
		l{"Cloud 9", [=[Cloud 9]=]},
		l{"Departed", [=[Departed]=]},
		l{"Direwolf20 (1.7.10)", [=[Direwolf20]=]},
		l{"FTB Horizons: Daybreaker", [=[FTB Horizons: Daybreaker]=]},
		l{"FTBLite 3", [=[FTBLite 3]=]},
		l{"FTB Mage Quest", [=[Mage Quest]=]},
		l{"Modpack of the Month: Botania", [=[MOTM: Botania]=]},
		l{"Infinity 1.7", [=[Infinity]=]},
		l{"FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock", [=[Infinity Evolved Skyblock]=]},
		l{"Inventions", [=[Inventions]=]},
		l{"SkyFactory 2.5", [=[SkyFactory 2.5]=]},
		l{"FTB Terra", [=[FTB Terra]=]},
		l{"Trident (modpack)", [=[Trident]=]},
		l{"Resurrection", [=[Resurrection]=]},
		l{"PAX Prime 2015 Challenge", [=[PAX Prime 2015 Challenge]=]},
		l{"Unstable 1.7.x", [=[Unstable]=]},
		l{"Vanilla Plus", [=[Vanilla Plus]=]}
	list{title = v1_6_4,
		l{"Direwolf20 (1.6.4)", [=[Direwolf20]=]},
		l{"FTBLite2", [=[FTBLite2]=]},
		l{"Horizons", [=[Horizons]=]},
		l{"Magic World 2", [=[Magic World 2]=]},
		l{"Monster", [=[Monster]=]},
		l{"Tech World 2", [=[Tech World 2]=]}
	list{title = v1_5_2,
		l{"Direwolf20 1.5", [=[Direwolf20]=]},
		l{"FTB Unhinged", [=[Unhinged]=]},
		l{"FTB Unleashed", [=[Unleashed]=]}
	list{title = v1_4_7,
		l{"Direwolf20 Pack", [=[Direwolf20]=]},
		l{"FTB Lite", [=[FTB Lite]=]},
		l{"FTB Ultimate", [=[FTB Ultimate]=]},
		l{"Magic World", [=[Magic World]=]},
		l{"MindCrack Pack", [=[MindCrack Pack]=]},
		l{"Pax Challenge Pack", [=[Pax Challenge Pack]=]},
		l{"Slow's Stream Pack", [=[Slow's Stream Pack]=]},
		l{"Tech World", [=[Tech World]=]},
		l{"YogCraft Modpack", [=[YogCraft Modpack]=]}
	list{title = v1_4_2,
		l{"Feed The Beast Beta Pack A", [=[Feed The Beast Beta Pack A]=]}
	list{title = v1_2_5,
		l{"Feed The Beast Retro SMP", [=[Feed The Beast Retro SMP]=]},
		l{"Feed The Beast Retro SSP", [=[Feed The Beast Retro SSP]=]}
	list{title = comparisons,
		l{"Comparison of 1.7.10 FTB modpacks", [=[1.7.10 modpacks]=]},
		l{"Comparison of 1.6.4 FTB modpacks", [=[1.6.4 modpacks]=]},
		l{"Comparison of 1.5.2 FTB modpacks", [=[1.5.2 modpacks]=]},
		l{"Comparison of 1.4.7 FTB modpacks", [=[1.4.7 modpacks]=]}

return p