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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Navbox/Avaritia/doc

local p = {}
p.navbox = function(navbox, highlightline, group, list, line, ni, nid, l)

local avaritia = l{"Avaritia", [=[<translate><!--T:1--> Avaritia</translate>]=]}

local blocks = [=[<translate><!--T:2--> Blocks</translate>]=]
local armor = [=[<translate><!--T:3--> Armor</translate>]=]
local tools = [=[<translate><!--T:4--> Tools</translate>]=]
local singularities = [=[<translate><!--T:5--> Singularities</translate>]=]
local components = [=[<translate><!--T:6--> Components</translate>]=]
local misc = [=[<translate><!--T:7--> Misc</translate>]=]
local removed = [=[<translate><!--T:16--> Removed</translate>]=]
local guides = [=[<translate><!--T:8--> Guides</translate>]=]

return navbox{title = avaritia, mod = "AV", modname = "Avaritia",
	list{title = blocks,
		ni{"Compressed Crafting Table"},
		ni{"Crystal Matrix"},
		ni{"Dire Crafting Table"},
		ni{"Double Compressed Crafting Table"},
		ni{"Extreme Crafting Table"},
		ni{"Neutron Collector"},
		ni{"Neutronium Block"},
		ni{"Neutronium Compressor"},
		ni{"Infinity Block"}
	list{title = armor,
		ni{"Infinity Helmet"},
		ni{"Infinity Breastplate"},
		ni{"Infinity Leggings"},
		ni{"Infinity Boots"}
	list{title = tools,
		ni{"Blood Orb of Armok"},
		ni{"Crystal Studded Cosmic Neutronium Wand"},
		ni{"Hoe of the Green Earth"},
		ni{"Longbow of the Heavens"},
		ni{"Nature's Ruin"},
		ni{"Planet Eater"},
		ni{"Skullfire Sword"},
		ni{"Sword of the Cosmos"},
		ni{"World Breaker"}
	list{title = singularities,
		ni{"Copper Singularity"},
		ni{"Diamond Singularity"},
		ni{"Emerald Singularity"},
		ni{"Golden Singularity"},
		ni{"Iridium Singularity"},
		ni{"Iron Singularity"},
		ni{"Lapis Singularity"},
		ni{"Lead Singularity"},
		ni{"Nether Quartz Singularity"},
		ni{"Nickel Singularity"},
		ni{"Platinum Singularity"},
		ni{"Redstone Singularity"},
		ni{"Silver Singularity"},
		ni{"Tin Singularity"}
	list{title = components,
		ni{"Cosmic Meatballs"},
		ni{"Crystal Matrix Ingot"},
		ni{"Diamond Lattice"},
		ni{"Endest Pearl"},
		ni{"Infinity Catalyst"},
		ni{"Infinity Ingot"},
		ni{"Neutronium Ingot"},
		ni{"Neutronium Nugget"},
		ni{"Pile of Neutrons"},
		ni{"Record Fragment"},
		ni{"Ultimate Stew"}
	list{title = misc,
		ni{"Akashic Records"},
		ni{"Extremely Primordial Pearl"},
		ni{"Matter Cluster"}
	list{title = removed,
		ni{"Morv-In-A-Box (WIP)(WILL LIGHT YOU ON FIRE)"}
	list{title = guides,
		l{"Avaritia/Changelog", [=[<translate><!--T:18--> Changelog</translate>]=]},
		l{"Using MineTweaker and Avaritia", [=[<translate><!--T:19--> MineTweaking</translate>]=]}

return p