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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Navbox/ArmorPlus/doc

--<languages />
local p = {}
p.navbox = function(navbox, highlightline, group, list, line, ni, nid, l)
local arp = l{"ArmorPlus", [=[<translate><!--T:1-->

local reinforced = [=[<translate><!--T:2-->
Reinforced Sets</translate>]=]
local rchain = [=[<translate><!--T:3-->
local riron = [=[<translate><!--T:4-->
local rgold = [=[<translate><!--T:5-->
local rdiamond = [=[<translate><!--T:6-->

local tic = l{"Tinkers' Construct", [=[<translate><!--T:7-->
Tinkers' Construct</translate>]=]}
local cobalt = [=[<translate><!--T:8-->
local ardite = [=[<translate><!--T:9-->
local manyullyn = [=[<translate><!--T:10-->
local pigiron = [=[<translate><!--T:11-->
Pig Iron</translate>]=]
local knightslime = [=[<translate><!--T:12-->
Knight Slime</translate>]=]

local coal = [=[<translate><!--T:13-->
Coal Set</translate>]=]
local emerald = [=[<translate><!--T:14-->
Emerald Set</translate>]=]
local lapis = [=[<translate><!--T:15-->
Lapis Set</translate>]=]
local chicken = [=[<translate><!--T:16-->
Chicken Set</translate>]=]
local slime = [=[<translate><!--T:17-->
Slime Set</translate>]=]
local obsidian = [=[<translate><!--T:18-->
Obsidian Set</translate>]=]
local lava = [=[<translate><!--T:19-->
Infused Lava Set</translate>]=]
local redstone = [=[<translate><!--T:20-->
Redstone Set</translate>]=]
local guardian = [=[<translate><!--T:21-->
Guardian Set</translate>]=]
local enderdragon = [=[<translate><!--T:22-->
Ender Dragon Set</translate>]=]
local superstar = [=[<translate><!--T:23-->
Super Star Set</translate>]=]
local ultimate = [=[<translate><!--T:24-->
The Ultimate Set</translate>]=]

local dev = [=[<translate><!--T:42-->
Dev Set</translate>]=]

local steel = [=[<translate><!--T:33-->
Steel Set</translate>]=]

local electrical = [=[<translate><!--T:34-->
Electrical Set</translate>]=]

local components = [=[<translate><!--T:25-->
local blocks = [=[<translate><!--T:32-->

local miscellaneous = [=[<translate><!--T:26-->

local helmet = [=[<translate><!--T:27-->
local chestplate = [=[<translate><!--T:28-->
local leggings = [=[<translate><!--T:29-->
local boots = [=[<translate><!--T:30-->
local sword = [=[<translate><!--T:37-->
local battleaxe = [=[<translate><!--T:38-->
Battle Axe</translate>]=]
local bow = [=[<translate><!--T:39-->
local arrow = [=[<translate><!--T:40-->
local ultimateparts = [=[<translate><!--T:41-->
The Ultimate Armor Parts</translate>]=]

local pickaxe = [=[<translate><!--T:46-->
local axe = [=[<translate><!--T:47-->
local shovel = [=[<translate><!--T:48-->
local hoe = [=[<translate><!--T:49-->
local rod = [=[<translate><!--T:50-->

local tesla = [=[<translate><!--T:51-->
local rf = [=[<translate><!--T:52-->
Redstone Flux (RF)</translate>]=]
local energyitems = [=[<translate><!--T:53-->
Energy Items</translate>]=]

local benches = [=[<translate><!--T:54-->

local forges = [=[<translate><!--T:55-->
Armor Forges</translate>]=]

local stonebricks = [=[Stone Brick Blocks]=]

local enchant = [=[<translate><!--T:60-->

local tieri = [=[<translate><!--T:63-->
Tier I</translate>]=]

local tierii = [=[<translate><!--T:64-->
Tier II</translate>]=]

local tieriii = [=[<translate><!--T:65-->
Tier III</translate>]=]

local items = [=[<translate><!--T:66-->
local legacy = [=[<translate><!--T:67-->

local machines = [=[<translate><!--T:68-->

local enchantments = [=[<translate><!--T:69-->

local machines = [=[Machines]=]

return navbox{title = arp, mod = "ARP", modname = "ArmorPlus",
	group{name="tieri", title = tieri,
		list{title = coal,
			ni{"Coal Helmet", "Coal Helmet", helmet},
			ni{"Coal Chestplate", "Coal Chestplate", chestplate},
			ni{"Coal Leggings", "Coal Leggings", leggings},
			ni{"Coal Boots", "Coal Boots", boots},
			ni{"Coal Sword", "Coal Sword", sword},
			ni{"Coal Battle Axe", "Coal Battle Axe", battleaxe},
			ni{"Coal Bow", "Coal Bow", bow},
			ni{"Coal Arrow", "Coal Arrow", arrow}
		list{title = lapis,
			ni{"Lapis Helmet", "Lapis Helmet", helmet},
			ni{"Lapis Chestplate", "Lapis Chestplate", chestplate},
			ni{"Lapis Leggings", "Lapis Leggings", leggings},
			ni{"Lapis Boots", "Lapis Boots", boots},
			ni{"Lapis Sword", "Lapis Sword", sword},
			ni{"Lapis Battle Axe", "Lapis Battle Axe", battleaxe},
			ni{"Lapis Bow", "Lapis Bow", bow},
			ni{"Lapis Arrow", "Lapis Arrow", arrow}
		list{title = chicken,
			ni{"Chicken Helmet", "Chicken Helmet", helmet},
			ni{"Chicken Chestplate", "Chicken Chestplate", chestplate},
			ni{"Chicken Leggings", "Chicken Leggings", leggings},
			ni{"Chicken Boots", "Chicken Boots", boots}
		list{title = slime,
			ni{"Slime Helmet", "Slime Helmet", helmet},
			ni{"Slime Chestplate", "Slime Chestplate", chestplate},
			ni{"Slime Leggings", "Slime Leggings", leggings},
			ni{"Slime Boots", "Slime Boots", boots}
		list{title = redstone,
			ni{"Redstone Helmet", "Redstone Helmet", helmet},
			ni{"Redstone Chestplate", "Redstone Chestplate", chestplate},
			ni{"Redstone Leggings", "Redstone Leggings", leggings},
			ni{"Redstone Boots", "Redstone Boots", boots},
			ni{"Redstone Sword", "Redstone Sword", sword},
			ni{"Redstone Battle Axe", "Redstone Battle Axe", battleaxe},
			ni{"Redstone Bow", "Redstone Bow", bow},
			ni{"Redstone Arrow", "Redstone Arrow", arrow}
	group{name = "tierii", title = tierii,
		list{title = emerald,
			nid{"Emerald Helmet", helmet},
			nid{"Emerald Chestplate", chestplate},
			ni{"Emerald Leggings", "Emerald Leggings", leggings},--No disambiguation- AA adds "Emerald Pants" (for now)
			nid{"Emerald Boots", boots},
			nid{"Emerald Sword", sword},
			ni{"Emerald Battle Axe", "Emerald Battle Axe", battleaxe},
			ni{"Emerald Bow", "Emerald Bow", bow}
		list{title = obsidian,
			nid{"Obsidian Helmet", helmet},
			nid{"Obsidian Chestplate", chestplate},
			ni{"Obsidian Leggings", "Obsidian Leggings", leggings},--No disambiguation- AA adds "Obsidian Pants" (for now)
			nid{"Obsidian Boots", boots},
			nid{"Obsidian Sword", sword},
			ni{"Obsidian Battle Axe", "Obsidian Battle Axe", battleaxe},
			ni{"Obsidian Bow", "Obsidian Bow", bow}
		list{title = lava,
			ni{"Infused Lava Helmet", "Infused Lava Helmet", helmet},
			ni{"Infused Lava Chestplate", "Infused Lava Chestplate", chestplate},
			ni{"Infused Lava Leggings", "Infused Lava Leggings", leggings},
			ni{"Infused Lava Boots", "Infused Lava Boots", boots},
			ni{"Infused Lava Sword", "Infused Lava Sword", sword},
			ni{"Infused Lava Battle Axe", "Infused Lava Battle Axe", battleaxe},
			ni{"Infused Lava Bow", "Infused Lava Bow", bow},
			ni{"Infused Lava Arrow", "Infused Lava Arrow", arrow}
		list{title = tic,
				list{title = cobalt,
					ni{"Cobalt Helmet", "Cobalt Helmet", helmet},
					ni{"Cobalt Chestplate", "Cobalt Chestplate", chestplate},
					ni{"Cobalt Leggings", "Cobalt Leggings", leggings},
					ni{"Cobalt Boots", "Cobalt Boots", boots}
				list{title = ardite,
					ni{"Ardite Helmet", "Ardite Helmet", helmet},
					ni{"Ardite Chestplate", "Ardite Chestplate", chestplate},
					ni{"Ardite Leggings", "Ardite Leggings", leggings},
					ni{"Ardite Boots", "Ardite Boots", boots}
				list{title = manyullyn,
					ni{"Manyullyn Helmet", "Manyullyn Helmet", helmet},
					ni{"Manyullyn Chestplate", "Manyullyn Chestplate", chestplate},
					ni{"Manyullyn Leggings", "Manyullyn Leggings", leggings},
					ni{"Manyullyn Boots", "Manyullyn Boots", boots}
				list{title = pigiron,
					ni{"Pig Iron Helmet", "Pig Iron Helmet", helmet},
					ni{"Pig Iron Chestplate", "Pig Iron Chestplate", chestplate},
					ni{"Pig Iron Leggings", "Pig Iron Leggings", leggings},
					ni{"Pig Iron Boots", "Pig Iron Boots", boots}
				list{title = knightslime,
					ni{"Knight Slime Helmet", "Knight Slime Helmet", helmet},
					ni{"Knight Slime Chestplate", "Knight Slime Chestplate", chestplate},
					ni{"Knight Slime Leggings", "Knight Slime Leggings", leggings},
					ni{"Knight Slime Boots", "Knight Slime Boots", boots}
	group{name = "tieriii", title = tieriii,
		list{title = enderdragon,
				ni{"Ender Dragon Helmet", "Ender Dragon Helmet", helmet},
				ni{"Ender Dragon Chestplate", "Ender Dragon Chestplate", chestplate},
				ni{"Ender Dragon Leggings", "Ender Dragon Leggings", leggings},
				ni{"Ender Dragon Boots", "Ender Dragon Boots", boots},
				ni{"Ender Dragon Sword", "Ender Dragon Sword", sword},
				ni{"Ender Dragon Battle Axe", "Ender Dragon Battle Axe", battleaxe},
				ni{"Ender Dragon Bow", "Ender Dragon Bow", bow},
				ni{"Ender Dragon Arrow", "Ender Dragon Arrow", arrow}
			list{title = guardian,
				ni{"Guardian Helmet", "Guardian Helmet", helmet},
				ni{"Guardian Chestplate", "Guardian Chestplate", chestplate},
				ni{"Guardian Leggings", "Guardian Leggings", leggings},
				ni{"Guardian Boots", "Guardian Boots", boots},
				ni{"Guardian Sword", "Guardian Sword", sword},
				ni{"Guardian Battle Axe", "Guardian Battle Axe", battleaxe},
				ni{"Guardian Bow", "Guardian Bow", bow}
			list{title = superstar,
				ni{"Super Star Helmet", "Super Star Helmet", helmet},
				ni{"Super Star Chestplate", "Super Star Chestplate", chestplate},
				ni{"Super Star Leggings", "Super Star Leggings", leggings},
				ni{"Super Star Boots", "Super Star Boots", boots},
				ni{"Super Star Sword", "Super Star Sword", sword},
				ni{"Super Star Battle Axe", "Super Star Battle Axe", battleaxe},
				ni{"Super Star Bow", "Super Star Bow", bow}
			list{title = ultimate,
				ni{"The Ultimate Helmet", "The Ultimate Helmet", helmet},
				ni{"The Ultimate Chestplate", "The Ultimate Chestplate", chestplate},
				ni{"The Ultimate Leggings", "The Ultimate Leggings", leggings},
				ni{"The Ultimate Boots", "The Ultimate Boots", boots}
	group{name = "items", title = items,
		list{title = components,
			ni{"Ender Dragon Scale"},
			ni{"Reinforcing Material"},
			ni{"Guardian Scale"},
			ni{"Wither Bone"},
			ni{"The Ultimate Material"},
			nid{"Lava Crystal"},
			ni{"Lava Crystal", "Infused Lava Crystal", [=[<translate><!--T:59-->
	Infused Lava Crystal</translate>]=]},
			ni{"ArmorPlus Book", "ArmorPlus Book"},
			ni{"The Gift Of The Gods"},
			ni{"Steel Ingot"},
			ni{"Electrical Ingot"},
			ni{"ArmorPlus Book", "ArmorPlus Info Book"},
		list{title = ultimateparts,
			ni{"The Ultimate Helmet Left"},
			ni{"The Ultimate Helmet Middle"},
			ni{"The Ultimate Helmet Right"},
			ni{"The Ultimate Chestplate Left"},
			ni{"The Ultimate Chestplate Middle"},
			ni{"The Ultimate Chestplate Right"},
			ni{"The Ultimate Leggings Left"},
			ni{"The Ultimate Leggings Middle"},
			ni{"The Ultimate Leggings Right"},
			ni{"The Ultimate Boots Left"},
			ni{"The Ultimate Boots Middle"},
			ni{"The Ultimate Boots Right"},
	group{name = "blocks", title = blocks,
		list{title = blocks,
			ni{"Ore Lava Crystal"},
			ni{"Block of Lava Crystal"},
			ni{"Block of Infused Lava Crystal"},
			ni{"Lava Infused Obsidian"},
			nid{"Compressed Obsidian"},
			ni{"Block of Steel"},
			ni{"Electrical Block"},
			ni{"Lava Cactus"},
			ni{"Lava Nether Brick"}
		list{title = stonebricks,
			ni{"White Stone Brick", "Stone Brick (ArmorPlus)"},
			ni{"White Stone Brick Tower", "Stone Brick Tower"},
			ni{"White Stone Brick Corner", "Stone Brick Corner"},
			ni{"White Stone Brick Wall", "Stone Brick Wall (ArmorPlus)"}
		list{title = machines,
			ni{"Lava Infuser"}
	group{name = "enchantments", title = enchantments,
		list{title = enchant,
			ni{mod = "V", "Enchanted Book", "Furious", [=[<translate><!--T:61-->
			ni{mod = "V", "Enchanted Book", "Life Steal", [=[<translate><!--T:62-->
	Life Steal</translate>]=]}
	group{name = "miscellaneous", title = miscellaneous,
		list{title = miscellaneous,
			l{"Achievements (ArmorPlus)", [=[<translate><!--T:31-->
			l{"Commands (ArmorPlus)", [=[<translate><!--T:35-->
			ni{"Dev Tool"},
			l{"Ender Dragon Zombie", [=[<translate><!--T:70-->
Ender Dragon Zombie</translate>]=]},
			ni{"Redstone Apple"},
			l{"ArmorPlus repairing", [=[<translate><!--T:71-->
	group{name = "legacy", title = legacy,
		list{title = dev,
			ni{"Dev Helmet", "Dev Helmet", helmet},
			ni{"Dev Chestplate", "Dev Chestplate", chestplate},
			ni{"Dev Leggings", "Dev Leggings", leggings},
			ni{"Dev Boots", "Dev Boots", boots}
		list{title = forges,
			ni{"Armor Forge", "Armor Forge", [=[<translate><!--T:57-->
			ni{"Advanced Armor Forge", "Advanced Armor Forge", [=[<translate><!--T:58-->
		list{title = benches,
			ni{"High-Tech Bench"},
			ni{"Ulti-Tech Bench"}
		list{title = energyitems,
			list{title = rf,
				ni{"Redstone Flux Sword", "Redstone Flux Sword", sword},
				ni{"Redstone Flux Pickaxe", "Redstone Flux Pickaxe", pickaxe},
				ni{"Redstone Flux Axe", "Redstone Flux Axe", axe},
				ni{"Redstone Flux Shovel", "Redstone Flux Shovel", shovel},
				ni{"Redstone Flux Hoe", "Redstone Flux Hoe", hoe},
				ni{"Redstone Flux Rod", "Redstone Flux Rod", rod}
			list{title = tesla,
					ni{"Tesla Sword", "Tesla Sword", sword},
					ni{"Tesla Pickaxe", "Tesla Pickaxe", pickaxe},
					ni{"Tesla Axe", "Tesla Axe", axe},
					ni{"Tesla Shovel", "Tesla Shovel", shovel},
					ni{"Tesla Hoe", "Tesla Hoe", hoe},
					ni{"Tesla Rod", "Tesla Rod", rod}
			list{title = steel,
				nid{"Steel Helmet", helmet},
				nid{"Steel Chestplate", chestplate},
				nid{"Steel Leggings", leggings},
				nid{"Steel Boots", boots}
			list{title = electrical,
				ni{"Electrical Helmet", "Electrical Helmet", helmet},
				ni{"Electrical Chestplate", "Electrical Chestplate", chestplate},
				ni{"Electrical Leggings", "Electrical Leggings", leggings},
				ni{"Electrical Boots", "Electrical Boots", boots}
		list{title = reinforced,
			list{title = rchain,
				ni{"Reinforced Chain Helmet", "Reinforced Chain Helmet", helmet},
				ni{"Reinforced Chain Chestplate", "Reinforced Chain Chestplate", chestplate},
				ni{"Reinforced Chain Leggings", "Reinforced Chain Leggings", leggings},
				ni{"Reinforced Chain Boots", "Reinforced Chain Boots", boots}
			list{title = riron,
				ni{"Reinforced Iron Helmet", "Reinforced Iron Helmet", helmet},
				ni{"Reinforced Iron Chestplate", "Reinforced Iron Chestplate", chestplate},
				ni{"Reinforced Iron Leggings", "Reinforced Iron Leggings", leggings},
				ni{"Reinforced Iron Boots", "Reinforced Iron Boots", boots}
			list{title = rgold,
				ni{"Reinforced Golden Helmet", "Reinforced Golden Helmet", helmet},
				ni{"Reinforced Golden Chestplate", "Reinforced Golden Chestplate", chestplate},
				ni{"Reinforced Golden Leggings", "Reinforced Golden Leggings", leggings},
				ni{"Reinforced Golden Boots", "Reinforced Golden Boots", boots}
			list{title = rdiamond,
				ni{"Reinforced Diamond Helmet", "Reinforced Diamond Helmet", helmet},
				ni{"Reinforced Diamond Chestplate", "Reinforced Diamond Chestplate", chestplate},
				ni{"Reinforced Diamond Leggings", "Reinforced Diamond Leggings", leggings},
				ni{"Reinforced Diamond Boots", "Reinforced Diamond Boots", boots}

return p