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local modsByAbbrv = {
    A = {'Agriculture', [=[Agriculture]=]},
    AA = {'Actually Additions', [=[Actually Additions]=]},
    AB = {'AbyssalCraft', [=[AbyssalCraft]=]},
    ABD = {'Absent by Design', [=[Absent by Design]=]},
    ABO = {'Additional Buildcraft Objects', [=[Additional Buildcraft Objects]=]},
    ABUN = {'Abundance', [=[Abundance]=]},
    AC = {'Arcane Scrolls', [=[Arcane Scrolls]=]},
    ACC = {'AcademyCraft', [=[AcademyCraft]=]},
    ADDP = {'Additional Pipes', [=[Additional Pipes]=]},
    ADVA = {'Adventurer\'s Amulets', [=[Adventurer's Amulets]=]},
    ADVBP = {'Adventure Backpack', [=[Adventure Backpack]=]},
    ADVG = {'Advanced Generators', [=[Advanced Generators]=]},
    ADVPM = {'Advanced Power Management', [=[Advanced Power Management]=]},
    AE = {'Applied Energistics', [=[Applied Energistics]=]},
    AE2 = {'Applied Energistics 2', [=[Applied Energistics 2]=]},
    AE2S = {'AE2 Stuff', [=[AE2 Stuff]=]},
    AE2TA = {'AE2 Tech Addon', [=[AE2 Tech Addon]=]},
    AF = {'AutoFood', [=[AutoFood]=]},
    AFSU = {'AFSU Mod', [=[AFSU Mod]=]},
    AFT = {'Advanced Fluxian Tools', [=[Advanced Fluxian Tools]=]},
    AG = {'Advanced Genetics', [=[Advanced Genetics]=]},
    AGR = {'AgriCraft', [=[AgriCraft]=]},
    AI = {'Aether (Mod)', 'Aether', [=[Aether]=]},
    AII = {'Aether II', [=[Aether II]=]},
    AKASHIC = {'Akashic Tome', [=[Akashic Tome]=]},
    AL = {'Advanced Lightsabers', [=[Advanced Lightsabers]=]},
    ALCHEM = {'Alchemistry', [=[Alchemistry]=]},
    ALEX = {'Alex\'s Mobs', [=[Alex's Mobs]=]},
    AM2 = {'Ars Magica 2', [=[Ars Magica 2]=]},
    AMAS = {'Advanced Machines (AtomicStryker)', [=[Advanced Machines (AtomicStryker)]=]},
    AMC = {"Advanced Machines (Chocohead)", [=[Advanced Machines (Chocohead)]=]},
    AMI = {'Advanced Machines (Immibis)', [=[Advanced Machines (Immibis)]=]},
    AMS = {'Archimedes\' Ships', [=[Archimedes' Ships]=]},
    AN = {'Animal Crops', [=[Animal Crops]=]},
    AP = {'AutoPackager', [=[AutoPackager]=]},
    APAR = {'Archer’s Paradox', [=[Archer’s Paradox]=]},
    APO = {'Apotheosis', [=[Apotheosis]=]},
    AQ2 = {'Aquaculture 2', [=[Aquaculture 2]=]},
    AQA = {'Antique Atlas', [=[Antique Atlas]=]},
    AR = {'Advanced Rocketry', [=[Advanced Rocketry]=]},
    ARE = {'Arcane Engineering', [=[Arcane Engineering]=]},
    ARP = {'ArmorPlus', [=[ArmorPlus]=]},
    ARS = {'Advanced Repulsion Systems', [=[Advanced Repulsion Systems]=]},
    ARSN = {'Ars Nouveau', [=[Ars Nouveau]=]},
    ART = {'Artifacts', [=[Artifacts]=]},
    AS = {'Advanced Solars', [=[Advanced Solars]=]},
    ASC = {'AwesomeSauce Components', [=[AwesomeSauce Components]=]},
    ASS = {'Astral Sorcery', [=[Astral Sorcery]=]},
    ASSC = {'Asgard Shield Core', [=[Asgard Shield Core]=]},
    ATB = {'All the Blocks', [=[All the Blocks]=]},
    ATM = {'Atmospheric', [=[Atmospheric]=]},
    ATM6 = {'All the Mods 6', [=[All the Mods 6]=]},
    ATMDIUM = {'Allthemodium', [=[Allthemodium]=]},
    ATO = {'All the Ores', [=[All the Ores]=]},
    ATOMIC = {'Atomic Science', [=[Atomic Science]=]},
    ATUM2 = {'Atum 2', [=[Atum 2]=]},
    AU = {'Aura Cascade', [=[Aura Cascade]=]},
    AURED = {'Automated Redstone', [=[Automated Redstone]=]},
    AV = {'Avaritia', [=[Avaritia]=]},
    B = {'Baubles', [=[Baubles]=]},
    BAGS = {'Bagginses', [=[Bagginses]=]},
    BAMBOO = {'Bamboo Everything', [=[Bamboo Everything]=]},
    BAMBOOBL = {'Bamboo Blocks', [=[Bamboo Blocks]=]},
    BAMBZ = {'Bamboozled', [=[Bamboozled]=]},
    BAYOU = {'Bayou Blues', [=[Bayou Blues]=]},
    BBW = {'Better Builder\'s Wands', [=[Better Builder's Wands]=]},
    BC = {'BuildCraft', [=[BuildCraft]=]},
    BCA = {'BuildCraft Addon', [=[BuildCraft Addon]=]},
    BCAD = {'Buildcraft Additions', [=[Buildcraft Additions]=]},
    BCEXP = {'BC eXtra Pipes', [=[BC eXtra Pipes]=]},
    BCTI = {'BuildCraft Trigger Icons', [=[BuildCraft Trigger Icons]=]},
    BDSM = {'Barrels, Drums, Storage & More', [=[Barrels, Drums, Storage & More]=]},
    BERRYG = {'Berry Good', [=[Berry Good]=]},
    BET = {'The Betweenlands', [=[The Betweenlands]=]},
    BG = {'Building Gadgets', [=[Building Gadgets]=]},
    BIC = {'BiblioCraft', [=[BiblioCraft]=]},
    BLC = {'BlockCarpentry', [=[BlockCarpentry]=]},
    BLP = {'Blue Power', [=[Blue Power]=]},
    BM = {'Blood Magic', [=[Blood Magic]=]},
    BNC = {'Binnie Core', [=[Binnie Core]=]},
    BNST = {'Bonsai Trees', [=[Bonsai Trees]=]},
    BOP = {'Biomes O\' Plenty', [=[Biomes O' Plenty]=]},
    BP = {'Backpacks', [=[Backpacks]=]},
    BR = {'Big Reactors', [=[Big Reactors]=]},
    BS = {'BetterStorage', [=[BetterStorage]=]},
    BSG = {'Better Sleeping', [=[Better Sleeping]=]},
    BST = {'Boost', [=[Boost]=]},
    BTC = {'Bonsai Tree Crops', [=[Bonsai Tree Crops]=]},
    BTCH = {'BetterChests', [=[BetterChests]=]},
    BTEND = {'BetterEnd', [=[BetterEnd]=]},
    BTN = {'Botania', [=[Botania]=]},
    BTNY = {'Botany', [=[Botany]=]},
    BTNYP = {'BotanyPots', [=[BotanyPots]=]},
    BTRMESA = {'Better Badlands', [=[Better Badlands]=]},
    BTW = {'Better Than Wolves', [=[Better Than Wolves]=]},
    BTWA = {'Better With Addons', [=[Better With Addons]=]},
    BTWM = {'Better With Mods', [=[Better With Mods]=]},
    BULL = {'Bullseye', [=[Bullseye]=]},
    BUMOD = {'Biome Update MOD', [=[Biome Update MOD]=]},
    BUNTCH = {'BunnyTech', [=[BunnyTech]=]},
    BW = {'The BackWoods', [=[The BackWoods]=]},
    BWM = {'Balkon\'s WeaponMod', [=[Balkon's WeaponMod]=]},
    BZIRB = {'Buzzier Bees', [=[Buzzier Bees]=]},
    C = {'Create', [=[Create]=]},
    CAB = {'Career Bees', [=[Career Bees]=]},
    CACT = {'The Cactus Mod', [=[The Cactus Mod]=]},
    CALC = {'Calculator', [=[Calculator]=]},
    CAMP = {'Camping Mod', [=[Camping Mod]=]},
    CAR = {'Construct\'s Armory', [=[Construct's Armory]=]},
    CAVE = {'Cavern', [=[Cavern]=]},
    CB = {'Carpenter\'s Blocks', [=[Carpenter's Blocks]=]},
    CBW = {'Cyberware', [=[Cyberware]=]},
    CC = {'ComputerCraft', [=[ComputerCraft]=]},
    CCH = {'ChickenChunks', [=[ChickenChunks]=]},
    CCS = {'Chance Cubes', [=[Chance Cubes]=]},
    CD = {'Crop Dusting', [=[Crop Dusting]=]},
    CDLIB = {'CD4017BE Library', [=[CD4017BE Library]=]},
    CFBH = {'Cooking for Blockheads', [=[Cooking for Blockheads]=]},
    CG = {'Charging Gadgets', [=[Charging Gadgets]=]},
    CH = {'CraftHeraldry', [=[CraftHeraldry]=]},
    CHAR = {'Charset', [=[Charset]=]},
    CHARG = {'Chargepads', [=[Chargepads]=]},
    CHICK = {'Chickens', [=[Chickens]=]},
    CHIS = {'Chisel', [=[Chisel]=]},
    CHISAM = {'Chisel (AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN)', [=[Chisel (AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN)]=]},
    CHISAS = {'Chisel (asie)', [=[Chisel (asie)]=]},
    CHISCT = {'Chisel (Chisel Team)', [=[Chisel (Chisel Team)]=]},
    CHISD = {'Chisel (Delta534)', [=[Chisel (Delta534)]=]},
    CHISPF = {'Chisel (Pokefenn)', [=[Chisel (Pokefenn)]=]},
    CHISTC = {'Chisel (TheCricket26)', [=[Chisel (TheCricket26)]=]},
    CHR = {'ChristmasCraft', [=[ChristmasCraft]=]},
    CHUTES = {'Chutes', [=[Chutes]=]},
    CLDS = {'Cloud Storage', [=[Cloud Storage]=]},
    CM = {'Compact Machines', [=[Compact Machines]=]},
    CMFRTS = {'Comforts', [=[Comforts]=]},
    CNDY = {'CandyCraft', [=[CandyCraft]=]},
    CO = {'Computronics', [=[Computronics]=]},
    COG = {'Custom Ore Generation', [=[Custom Ore Generation]=]},
    COTM = {'Cogs of the Machine', [=[Cogs of the Machine]=]},
    CPC = {'Compact Claustrophobia', [=[Compact Claustrophobia]=]},
    CR = {'Crossroads', [=[Crossroads]=]},
    CRC = {'ChromatiCraft', [=[ChromatiCraft]=]},
    CRMC = {'Ceramics', [=[Ceramics]=]},
    CRPTZ = {'Coral Reef (primetoxinz)', [=[Coral Reef (primetoxinz)]=]},
    CRU = {'Crusher', [=[Crusher]=]},
    CS = {'CompactStorage', [=[CompactStorage]=]},
    CSA = {'Compact Solar Arrays', [=[Compact Solar Arrays]=]},
    CTRANS = {'Chest Transporter', [=[Chest Transporter]=]},
    CU = {'Curios API', [=[Curios API]=]},
    CULCON = {'Culinary Construct', [=[Culinary Construct]=]},
    CW = {'Candy World', [=[Candy World]=]},
    CYC = {'Cyclic', [=[Cyclic]=]},
    ADAR = {'AzureDooms Angel Ring', [=[AzureDooms Angel Ring]=]},
    DARKM = {'Dark Menagerie', [=[Dark Menagerie]=]},
    DBC = {'Dragon Block C', [=[Dragon Block C]=]},
    DBCL = {'DecoBlocks Classic', [=[DecoBlocks Classic]=]},
    DC = {'DartCraft', [=[DartCraft]=]},
    DD = {'Dimensional Doors', [=[Dimensional Doors]=]},
    DE = {'Draconic Evolution', [=[Draconic Evolution]=]},
    DEC = {'DecoCraft', [=[DecoCraft]=]},
    DIMED = {'Dimensional Edibles', [=[Dimensional Edibles]=]},
    DISS = {'Dissolution', [=[Dissolution]=]},
    DIV = {'DivineRPG', [=[DivineRPG]=]},
    DKS = {'Dank Storage', [=[Dank Storage]=]},
    DL = {'Defiled Lands', [=[Defiled Lands]=]},
    DLT = {'Dynamic Liquid Tanks 2', [=[Dynamic Liquid Tanks 2]=]},
    DNUL = {'/dank/null', [=[/dank/null]=]},
    DOOT = {'Trumpet Skeleton', [=[Trumpet Skeleton]=]},
    DPIPES = {'DenPipes', [=[DenPipes]=]},
    DPIPESE = {'DenPipes-Emerald', [=[DenPipes-Emerald]=]},
    DPIPESF = {'DenPipes-Forestry', [=[DenPipes-Forestry]=]},
    DR = {'Deep Resonance', [=[Deep Resonance]=]},
    DRP = {'Dark Panels', [=[Dark Panels]=]},
    DU = {'Dark Utilities', [=[Dark Utilities]=]},
    DW = {'Deadly World', [=[Deadly World]=]},
    DZL = {'Dazzle', [=[Dazzle]=]},
    EB = {'Extra Bees', [=[Extra Bees]=]},
    EBW = {'Electroblob\'s Wizardry', [=[Electroblob's Wizardry]=]},
    EBXL = {'ExtrabiomesXL', [=[ExtrabiomesXL]=]},
    EC = {'ExtraCells', [=[ExtraCells]=]},
    EE = {'Endergetic Expansion', [=[Endergetic Expansion]=]},
    EE1 = {'Equivalent Exchange', [=[Equivalent Exchange]=]},
    EE2 = {'Equivalent Exchange 2', [=[Equivalent Exchange 2]=]},
    EE3 = {'Equivalent Exchange 3', [=[Equivalent Exchange 3]=]},
    EFFECT = {'Status Effects', [=[Status Effects]=]},
    EI = {'Esteemed Innovation', [=[Esteemed Innovation]=]},
    EIO = {'Ender IO', [=[Ender IO]=]},
    EIOE = {'Ender IO Endergy', [=[Ender IO Endergy]=]},
    EITD = {'Eyes in the Darkness', [=[Eyes in the Darkness]=]},
    ELC = {'ElectriCraft', [=[ElectriCraft]=]},
    ELMCRP = {'Elemental Creepers', [=[Elemental Creepers]=]},
    EM = {'Embers', [=[Embers]=]},
    EMR = {'Emasher Resource', [=[Emasher Resource]=]},
    EMT = {'Electro-Magic Tools', [=[Electro-Magic Tools]=]},
    EN = {'Ender Suits', [=[Ender Suits]=]},
    ENDBK = {'Ender Book', [=[Ender Book]=]},
    ENDT = {'EnderTech', [=[EnderTech]=]},
    ENG = {'Engineer\'s Decor', [=[Engineer's Decor]=]},
    ENGD = {'Engineer\'s Doors', [=[Engineer's Doors]=]},
    ENGWS = {'Engineer\'s Workshop', [=[Engineer's Workshop]=]},
    ENHMR = {'Enhanced Mushroom', [=[Enhanced Mushroom]=]},
    ENT = {'Entangled', [=[Entangled]=]},
    ENTDTC = {'Entity Detectors', [=[Entity Detectors]=]},
    ENV = {'Environmental', [=[Environmental]=]},
    ENVC = {'Environmental Core', [=[Environmental Core]=]},
    ENVM = {'Environmental Materials', [=[Environmental Materials]=]},
    ENVT = {'Environmental Tech', [=[Environmental Tech]=]},
    EOTG = {'Essence of the Gods', [=[Essence of the Gods]=]},
    EP = {'Enchanting Plus', [=[Enchanting Plus]=]},
    EP3 = {'Enhanced Portals 3', [=[Enhanced Portals 3]=]},
    ER = {'Expanded Redstone', [=[Expanded Redstone]=]},
    ER2 = {'Extreme Reactors 2', [=[Extreme Reactors 2]=]},
    ERAIL = {'Extra Rails', [=[Extra Rails]=]},
    ERB = {'End: Reborn', [=[End: Reborn]=]},
    ES = {'EnderStorage', [=[EnderStorage]=]},
    ESTL = {'Essentials', [=[Essentials]=]},
    ET = {'Engineer\'s Toolbox', [=[Engineer's Toolbox]=]},
    ETL = {'ET Lunar', [=[ET Lunar]=]},
    EU = {'Extra Utilities', [=[Extra Utilities]=]},
    EU2 = {'Extra Utilities 2', [=[Extra Utilities 2]=]},
    EVAPE = {'E-Vaporate', [=[E-Vaporate]=]},
    EVIL = {'EvilCraft', [=[EvilCraft]=]},
    EWM = {'Enchant With Mob', [=[Enchant With Mob]=]},
    EXA = {'Ex Astris', [=[Ex Astris]=]},
    EXB = {'Extra Boats', [=[Extra Boats]=]},
    EXBOT = {'Extra Botany', [=[Extra Botany]=]},
    EXC = {'Ex Compressum', [=[Ex Compressum]=]},
    EXCH = {'Exchangers', [=[Exchangers]=]},
    EXN = {'Ex Nihilo', [=[Ex Nihilo]=]},
    EXNA = {'Ex Nihilo Adscensio', [=[Ex Nihilo Adscensio]=]},
    EXNC = {'Ex Nihilo Creatio', [=[Ex Nihilo Creatio]=]},
    EXS = {'Extra Storage', [=[Extra Storage]=]},
    EXT = {'Extra Trees', [=[Extra Trees]=]},
    EZ = {'Ender IO Zoo', [=[Ender IO Zoo]=]},
    F = {'Forestry', [=[Forestry]=]},
    FAFA = {'Familiar Fauna', [=[Familiar Fauna]=]},
    FALL = {'Autumnity', [=[Autumnity]=]},
    FBHTET = {'Fantastic Beasts and How To Eat Them', [=[Fantastic Beasts and How To Eat Them]=]},
    FD = {'Farmer\'s Delight', [=[Farmer's Delight]=]},
    FF = {'FinndusFillies', [=[FinndusFillies]=]},
    FFBH = {'Farming for Blockheads', [=[Farming for Blockheads]=]},
    FFTP = {'Forbidden Fruit: Tide Pods', [=[Forbidden Fruit: Tide Pods]=]},
    FFU = {'FluxedFeederUnit', [=[FluxedFeederUnit]=]},
    FIREWORKS = {'Fireworks', [=[Fireworks]=]},
    FISH = {'Fishing Nets', [=[Fishing Nets]=]},
    FL = {'Funky Locomotion', [=[Funky Locomotion]=]},
    FLAM = {'Flamingo', [=[Flamingo]=]},
    FLOO = {'The Floo', [=[The Floo]=]},
    FLOPPER = {'Flopper', [=[Flopper]=]},
    FM = {'Forge Microblocks', [=[Forge Microblocks]=]},
    FMM = {'Falling Meteors Mod', [=[Falling Meteors Mod]=]},
    FN = {'Flux Networks', [=[Flux Networks]=]},
    FO = {'Foundry', [=[Foundry]=]},
    FOR = {'Forbidden Magic', [=[Forbidden Magic]=]},
    FOS = {'FoodSpecialitate', [=[FoodSpecialitate]=]},
    FOTP = {'Feasts of the Pharaohs', [=[Feasts of the Pharaohs]=]},
    FOUR = {'4-Space', [=[4-Space]=]},
    FP = {'FirePeripherals', [=[FirePeripherals]=]},
    FRCDR = {'Framed Compacting Drawers', [=[Framed Compacting Drawers]=]},
    FRDM = {'Freedom', [=[Freedom]=]},
    FS = {'FlatSigns', [=[FlatSigns]=]},
    FSP = {'Flaxbeard\'s Steam Power', [=[Flaxbeard's Steam Power]=]},
    FSPA = {'4Space', [=[4Space]=]},
    FSPM = {'Flaxbeard\'s Steam Power Mobile', [=[Flaxbeard's Steam Power Mobile]=]},
    FT = {'Factory Tech', [=[Factory Tech]=]},
    FZ = {'Factorization', [=[Factorization]=]},
    GAL = {'Galacticraft', [=[Galacticraft]=]},
    GAIA = {'Gaia Dimension', [=[Gaia Dimension]=]},
    GAPI = {'Greg-API', [=[Greg-API]=]},
    GAS = {'Garden Stuff', [=[Garden Stuff]=]},
    GASP = {'Gaspunk', [=[Gaspunk]=]},
    GAT = {'Gardening Tools', [=[Gardening Tools]=]},
    GATEC = {'GateCopy', [=[GateCopy]=]},
    GAUSW = {'Gauges and Switches', [=[Gauges and Switches]=]},
    GEND = {'Gendustry', [=[Gendustry]=]},
    GEO = {'GeoStrata', [=[GeoStrata]=]},
    GFNET = {'Giacomo\'s Fishing Net', [=[Giacomo's Fishing Net]=]},
    GG = {'GraviGun', [=[GraviGun]=]},
    GHOP = {'Golden Hopper', [=[Golden Hopper]=]},
    GLAC = {'Glacidus', [=[Glacidus]=]},
    GLASS = {'GLASS', [=[GLASS]=]},
    GLOW = {'Glow', [=[Glow]=]},
    GLST = {'Glassential', [=[Glassential]=]},
    GNE = {'Gany\'s End', [=[Gany's End]=]},
    GNN = {'Gany\'s Nether', [=[Gany's Nether]=]},
    GNS = {'Gany\'s Surface', [=[Gany's Surface]=]},
    GNT = {'Genetics', [=[Genetics]=]},
    GRAPPLING = {'Grappling hook', [=[Grappling hook]=]},
    GRC = {'GrowthCraft', [=[GrowthCraft]=]},
    GS = {'GraviSuite', [=[GraviSuite]=]},
    GSG = {'Greg\'s SG Craft', [=[Greg's SG Craft]=]},
    GT = {'GregTech 5', [=[GregTech 5]=]},
    GT1 = {'GregTech 1', [=[GregTech 1]=]},
    GT2 = {'GregTech 2', [=[GregTech 2]=]},
    GT3 = {'GregTech 3', [=[GregTech 3]=]},
    GT4 = {'GregTech 4', [=[GregTech 4]=]},
    GT5 = {'GregTech 5', [=[GregTech 5]=]},
    GT5U = {'GregTech 5 Unofficial', [=[GregTech 5 Unofficial]=]},
    GT6 = {'GregTech 6', [=[GregTech 6]=]},
    ["GT6-B"] = {'GregTech 6', [=[GregTech 6]=]},
    ["GT6-I"] = {'GregTech 6', [=[GregTech 6]=]},
    ["GT6-O"] = {'GregTech 6', [=[GregTech 6]=]},
    ["GT6-T"] = {'GregTech 6', [=[GregTech 6]=]},
    GTC = {'GregTech Classic', [=[GregTech Classic]=]},
    GTCE = {'GregTech Community Edition', [=[GregTech Community Edition]=]},
    GTCX = {'GTC Expansion', [=[GTC Expansion]=]},
    GTHUMB = {'Green Thumb', [=[Green Thumb]=]},
    GTPP = {'GT++', [=[GT++]=]},
    GWR = {'Guns Without Roses', [=[Guns Without Roses]=]},
    HARVN = {'Harvester\'s Night', [=[Harvester's Night]=]},
    HATCH = {'Hatchery', [=[Hatchery]=]},
    HD = {'Hopper Ducts', [=[Hopper Ducts]=]},
    HDIM = {'Hunting Dimension', [=[Hunting Dimension]=]},
    HF = {'Harvest Festival', [=[Harvest Festival]=]},
    HNTM = {'Hbm\'s Nuclear Tech Mod', [=[Hbm's Nuclear Tech Mod]=]},
    HOOK = {'Hooked', [=[Hooked]=]},
    HQ = {'HermitQuest', [=[HermitQuest]=]},
    HQM = {'Hardcore Questing Mode', [=[Hardcore Questing Mode]=]},
    HW = {'Hearth Well', [=[Hearth Well]=]},
    HXT = {'Hexxit Gear', [=[Hexxit Gear]=]},
    IB = {"Iron Backpacks", [=[Iron Backpacks]=]},
    IC = {'Iron Chests', [=[Iron Chests]=]},
    IC2 = {'IndustrialCraft 2', [=[IndustrialCraft 2]=]},
    IC2C = {'IndustrialCraft 2 Classic', [=[IndustrialCraft 2 Classic]=]},
    IC2CE = {'IC2C Extras', [=[IC2C Extras]=]},
    IC2NC = {'IC2 Nuclear Control', [=[IC2 Nuclear Control]=]},
    ICBM = {'ICBM', [=[ICBM]=]},
    ICRM = {'Neapolitan', [=[Neapolitan]=]},
    ICS = {'Inductive-Charge-Systems', [=[Inductive-Charge-Systems]=]},
    IE = {'Immersive Engineering', [=[Immersive Engineering]=]},
    IEP = {'Immersive Petroleum', [=[Immersive Petroleum]=]},
    IF = {'Industrial Foregoing', [=[Industrial Foregoing]=]},
    IG = {'Iguana Tinker Tweaks', [=[Iguana Tinker Tweaks]=]},
    IHL = {'IHL Tools & Machines', [=[IHL Tools & Machines]=]},
    II = {'Immersive Integration', [=[Immersive Integration]=]},
    IIFI = {'"i" Is For Inventory', [=["i" Is For Inventory]=]},
    IMCA = {'Immersive Cables', [=[Immersive Cables]=]},
    IMT = {'Immersive Tech', [=[Immersive Tech]=]},
    INTC = {'Integrated Crafting', [=[Integrated Crafting]=]},
    INTD = {'Integrated Dynamics', [=[Integrated Dynamics]=]},
    INTN = {'Integrated NBT', [=[Integrated NBT]=]},
    INTR = {'Integrated REST', [=[Integrated REST]=]},
    INTT = {'Integrated Tunnels', [=[Integrated Tunnels]=]},
    INTTER = {'Integrated Terminals', [=[Integrated Terminals]=]},
    IP = {'Inventory Pets', [=[Inventory Pets]=]},
    IRED = {'InfraRedstone', [=[InfraRedstone]=]},
    ITEMCOL = {'Item Collectors', [=[Item Collectors]=]},
    J = {'JABBA', [=[JABBA]=]},
    JACB = {'Just Another Crafting Bench', [=[Just Another Crafting Bench]=]},
    JARM = {'Just A Raft Mod', [=[Just A Raft Mod]=]},
    JC2 = {'Jewelrycraft 2', [=[Jewelrycraft 2]=]},
    JEC = {'Just Enough Calculation', [=[Just Enough Calculation]=]},
    JOL = {'Jack-O\'-Launcher', [=[Jack-O'-Launcher]=]},
    JW = {'JuiceWares', [=[JuiceWares]=]},
    KG = {'Karat Garden', [=[Karat Garden]=]},
    LA = {'Literal Ascension', [=[Literal Ascension]=]},
    LANTC = {'Lantern Colors', [=[Lantern Colors]=]},
    LC = {'LightningCraft', [=[LightningCraft]=]},
    LB = {'Lucky Block', [=[Lucky Block]=]},
    LIBV = {'LibVulpes', [=[LibVulpes]=]},
    LM = {"Lawnmower (mod)", "Lawnmower", [=[Lawnmower]=]},
    LMF = {'Lot\'s More Food', [=[Lot's More Food]=]},
    LONGFALLBO = {'Long Fall Boots (mod)', 'Long Fall Boots', [=[Long Fall Boots]=]},
    LOREC = {'CustomizedLore', [=[CustomizedLore]=]},
    LP = {'Logistics Pipes', [=[Logistics Pipes]=]},
    LWSF = {'Localized Weather & Stormfronts', [=[Localized Weather & Stormfronts]=]},
    LYCM = {'Lycanite\'s Mobs', [=[Lycanite's Mobs]=]},
    MA = {'Mystical Agriculture', [=[Mystical Agriculture]=]},
    MAA = {'Mana and Artifice', [=[Mana and Artifice]=]},
    MACAWB = {'Macaw\'s Bridges', [=[Macaw's Bridges]=]},
    MACAWD = {'Macaw\'s Doors', [=[Macaw's Doors]=]},
    MACAWR = {'Macaw\'s Roofs', [=[Macaw's Roofs]=]},
    MACAWT = {'Macaw\'s Trapdoors', [=[Macaw's Trapdoors]=]},
    MACAWW = {'Macaw\'s Windows', [=[Macaw's Windows]=]},
    MACU = {'Mariculture', [=[Mariculture]=]},
    MADD = {'Mystical Agradditions', [=[ Mystical Agradditions]=]},
    MAT = {'Matter Overdrive', [=[Matter Overdrive]=]},
    MB = {'Magic Bees', [=[Magic Bees]=]},
    MC = {'Magical Crops', [=[Magical Crops]=]},
    MCAD = {'Mimic Addon', [=[Mimic Addon]=]},
    MCC = {'More Charcoal', [=[More Charcoal]=]},
    MCH = {'MineChem', [=[MineChem]=]},
    MCOOK = {'Magic Cookies', [=[Magic Cookies]=]},
    MD = {'MoreDimensions', [=[MoreDimensions]=]},
    MEC = {'MeteorCraft', [=[MeteorCraft]=]},
    MEK = {'Mekanism', [=[Mekanism]=]},
    MELE = {'Moving Elevators', [=[Moving Elevators]=]},
    MFFSC = {'Modular Force Field System (Calclavia)', [=[Modular Force Field System (Calclavia)]=]},
    MFFSM = {'Modular Force Field System (Minalien)', [=[Modular Force Field System (Minalien)]=]},
    MFR = {'MineFactory Reloaded', [=[MineFactory Reloaded]=]},
    MGC = {'Magneticraft', [=[Magneticraft]=]},
    MGU = {'Mob Grinding Utils', [=[Mob Grinding Utils]=]},
    MINGAD = {'Mining Gadgets', [=[Mining Gadgets]=]},
    MM = {'Modular Machinery', [=[Modular Machinery]=]},
    MM2 = {'Mario Mod 2', [=[Mario Mod 2]=]},
    MMMM = {'MmmMmmMmmMmm', [=[MmmMmmMmmMmm]=]},
    MODPACKS = {'Modpacks', [=[Modpacks]=]},
    MOMC = {'Mo\' Minecraft', [=[Mo' Minecraft]=]},
    MOWM = {'Mowzie\'s Mobs', [=[Mowzie's Mobs]=]},
    MP = {'MiscPeripherals', [=[MiscPeripherals]=]},
    MPS = {'Modular Powersuits', [=[Modular Powersuits]=]},
    MPSA = {'Modular Powersuits Addons', [=[Modular Powersuits Addons]=]},
    MRCF = {'Mr. Crayfish\'s Furniture Mod', [=[Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod]=]},
    MS = {'Mad Science', [=[Mad Science]=]},
    MSC = {'Mystcraft', [=[Mystcraft]=]},
    MT = {'Mahou Tsukai', [=[Mahou Tsukai]=]},
    MTL = {'Metallurgy', [=[Metallurgy]=]},
    MUB = {'Mubble', [=[Mubble]=]},
    MUC = {'Mutant Creatures', [=[Mutant Creatures]=]},
    MULS = {'MultiStorage', [=[MultiStorage]=]},
    MUS = {'Music+', [=[Music+]=]},
    MW = {'Misty World', [=[Misty World]=]},
    MWL = {'Mystical Wildlife', [=[Mystical Wildlife]=]},
    MYF = {'Meet Your Fight', [=[Meet Your Fight]=]},
    MYM = {'MysteryMilk', [=[MysteryMilk]=]},
    MYTHBTN = {'MythicBotany', [=[MythicBotany]=]},
    N = {'Natura', [=[Natura]=]},
    NA = {'Nature\'s Aura', [=[Nature's Aura]=]},
    NAP = {'NappyCraft', [=[NappyCraft]=]},
    NATC = {'Nature\'s Compass', [=[Nature's Compass]=]},
    NC = {'NedoComputers', [=[NedoComputers]=]},
    NDMC = {'Nodal Mechanics', [=[Nodal Mechanics]=]},
    NETHC = {'Nether Core', [=[Nether Core]=]},
    NEW = {'Not Enough Wands', [=[Not Enough Wands]=]},
    NEX = {'NetherEx', [=[NetherEx]=]},
    NO = {'Nether Ores', [=[Nether Ores]=]},
    NOMAD = {'Nomadic Tents', [=[Nomadic Tents]=]},
    NUCC = {'NuclearCraft', [=[NuclearCraft]=]},
    OB = {'OpenBlocks', [=[OpenBlocks]=]},
    OBEM = {'Elevator Mod', [=[Elevator Mod]=]},
    OC = {'OpenComputers', [=[OpenComputers]=]},
    OP = {'ObsidiPlates', [=[ObsidiPlates]=]},
    OT = {'OmniTools', [=[OmniTools]=]},
    OTBYG = {'Oh The Biomes You\'ll Go', [=[Oh The Biomes You'll Go]=]},
    OMEGA = {'Omega Craft', [=[Omega Craft]=]},
    PA = {'Progressive Automation', [=[Progressive Automation]=]},
    PB = {'Project Blue', [=[Project Blue]=]},
    PC = {'Power Converters', [=[Power Converters]=]},
    PCRP = {"Power Converters: RP Module", [=[Power Converters: RP Module]=]},
    PE = {'ProjectE', [=[ProjectE]=]},
    PET = {"Petroleum Generator", [=[Petroleum Generator]=]},
    PEX = {'Project EX', [=[Project EX]=]},
    PFAAG = {'Per Fabrica Ad Astra\: Geologica', [=[Per Fabrica Ad Astra: Geologica]=]},
    PG = {'PortalGun', [=[PortalGun]=]},
    PHC = {'Pam\'s HarvestCraft', [=[Pam's HarvestCraft]=]},
    PKS = {'Pocket Storage', [=[Pocket Storage]=]},
    PL2 = {'Practical Logistics 2', [=[Practical Logistics 2]=]},
    PLANTS = {'Plants', [=[Plants]=]},
    PLAYERRUGS = {'Player Rugs', [=[Player Rugs]=]},
    PM = {'Primitive Mobs', [=[Primitive Mobs]=]},
    PNC = {'PneumaticCraft', [=[PneumaticCraft]=]},
    PNCRE = {'PneumaticCraft:Repressurized', [=[PneumaticCraft:Repressurized]=]},
    PODIUM = {'Podium', [=[Podium]=]},
    POTBLK = {'Potato Blocks', [=[Potato Blocks]=]},
    POW = {'Powah', [=[Powah]=]},
    PPAP = {'PPAP Mod', [=[PPAP Mod]=]},
    PPIPES = {'Pretty Pipes', [=[Pretty Pipes]=]},
    PR = {'Project Red', [=[Project Red]=]},
    PRC = {'PrimalCore', [=[PrimalCore]=]},
    PRDF = {'Pressurized Defence', [=[Pressurized Defence]=]},
    PRPIPES = {'Pressure Pipes', [=[Pressure Pipes]=]},
    PSI = {'Psi', [=[Psi]=]},
    PT = {'Prodigy Tech', [=[Prodigy Tech]=]},
    PW = {'PowerCraft', [=[PowerCraft]=]},
    Q = {'Quark', [=[Quark]=]},
    QC = {'qCraft', [=[qCraft]=]},
    QF = {'QuantumFlux', [=[QuantumFlux]=]},
    QRTZC = {'Quartz Chests', [=[Quartz Chests]=]},
    QT = {'QwerTech', [=[QwerTech]=]},
    QTMST = {'QuantumStorage', [=[QuantumStorage]=]},
    RA = {'Redstone Arsenal', [=[Redstone Arsenal]=]},
    RB = {'Resourceful Bees', [=[Resourceful Bees]=]},
    RBS = {'Reborn Storage', [=[Reborn Storage]=]},
    RC = {'Railcraft', [=[Railcraft]=]},
    RD = {'Runic Dungeons', [=[Runic Dungeons]=]},
    REC = {'ReactorCraft', [=[ReactorCraft]=]},
    REDP = {'Redstone Paste', [=[Redstone Paste]=]},
    REDPEN = {'Redstone Pen', [=[Redstone Pen]=]},
    REDW = {'Redwoods', [=[Redwoods]=]},
    RELI = {'Reliquary', [=[Reliquary]=]},
    RELQ = {'Reliquia', [=[Reliquia]=]},
    RESTR = {'Restrictions', [=[Restrictions]=]},
    RFT = {'RFTools', [=[RFTools]=]},
    RFTC = {'RFTools Control', [=[RFTools Control]=]},
    RFTD = {'RFTools Dimensions', [=[RFTools Dimensions]=]},
    RL = {'RedLogic', [=[RedLogic]=]},
    RLM = {'Real Life Mod', [=[Real Life Mod]=]},
    ROBL = {'Rotatable Blocks', [=[Rotatable Blocks]=]},
    ROC = {'RotaryCraft', [=[RotaryCraft]=]},
    ROO = {'Roost', [=[Roost]=]},
    RP2 = {'RedPower 2', [=[RedPower 2]=]},
    RPUMP = {'Ranged Pumps', [=[Ranged Pumps]=]},
    RR = {'Router Reborn', [=[Router Reborn]=]},
    RRL = {'Refined Relocation', [=[Refined Relocation]=]},
    RS = {'Refined Storage', [=[Refined Storage]=]},
    RSAD = {'Refined Storage Addons', [=[Refined Storage Addons]=]},
    RT = {'Random Things', [=[Random Things]=]},
    RTFC = {'Artifice', [=[Artifice]=]},
    RTS = {'Roots (mod)', 'Roots', [=[Roots]=]},
    RTS2 = {'Roots 2', [=[Roots 2]=]},
    RUST = {'Rustic', [=[Rustic]=]},
    ["S&R"] = {'Savage & Ravage', [=[Savage & Ravage]=]},
    SALT = {'Salty Mod', [=[Salty Mod]=]},
    SAR = {'SteamAgeRevolution', [=[SteamAgeRevolution]=]},
    SB = {'Simply Backpacks', [=[Simply Backpacks]=]},
    SC = {'Steve\'s Carts', [=[Steve's Carts]=]},
    SC2 = {'Steamcraft2', [=[Steamcraft2]=]},
    SCAN = {'Scanner', [=[Scanner]=]},
    SCH = {'Stone Chest', [=[Stone Chest]=]},
    SCM = {'Super Circuit Maker', [=[Super Circuit Maker]=]},
    SCM2 = {'Super Circuit Maker 2', [=[Super Circuit Maker 2]=]},
    SCUBA = {'Scuba Gear', [=[Scuba Gear]=]},
    SD = {'Santa\'s Decor', [=[Santa's Decor]=]},
    SECUR = {'SecurityCraft', [=[SecurityCraft]=]},
    SEXP = {'Solar Expansion', [=[Solar Expansion]=]},
    SFLUX = {'Solar Flux', [=[Solar Flux]=]},
    SFM = {'Steve\'s Factory Manager', [=[Steve's Factory Manager]=]},
    SG = {'Simple Generators', [=[Simple Generators]=]},
    SGR = {'Silent Gear', [=[Silent Gear]=]},
    SIL = {'Silimatics', [=[Silimatics]=]},
    SJ = {'Simply Jetpacks', [=[Simply Jetpacks]=]},
    SKR2 = {'Sky Resources', [=[Sky Resources]=]},
    SLEEP = {'Sleeping Bag (mod)', 'Sleeping Bag', [=[Sleeping Bag]=]},
    SLIGHT = {'Simply Light', [=[Simply Light]=]},
    SMAG = {'Simple Magnets', [=[Simple Magnets]=]},
    SMCY = {'Sanguimancy', [=[Sanguimancy]=]},
    SMT = {'Super Massive Tech', [=[Super Massive Tech]=]},
    SNAD = {'Snad', [=[Snad]=]},
    SONC = {'Sonar Core', [=[Sonar Core]=]},
    SPARKLY = {'Sparkly Pants', [=[Sparkly Pants]=]},
    SPH = {'Speedy Hoppers', [=[Speedy Hoppers]=]},
    SPL = {'Speedy Ladders', [=[Speedy Ladders]=]},
    SPOBK = {'Spongebob Mod (BlazeKnocker)', [=[Spongebob Mod (BlazeKnocker)]=]},
    SPRBS = {'Springboards', [=[Springboards]=]},
    SQTHO = {'SQTH Ores', [=[SQTH Ores]=]},
    SR = {'SecretRoomsMod', [=[SecretRoomsMod]=]},
    SRITE = {'Shadowrite', [=[Shadowrite]=]},
    SS1 = {'Soul Shards 1', [=[Soul Shards]=]},
    SSN = {'Simple Storage Network', [=[Simple Storage Network]=]},
    SSR = {'Soul Shards Respawn', [=[Soul Shards Respawn]=]},
    SSS = {'Super Stick Sword', [=[Super Stick Sword]=]},
    ST = {'Steel Sheep', [=[Steel Sheep]=]},
    STA = {'Stone Armour', [=[Stone Armour]=]},
    STATUES = {'Statues', [=[Statues]=]},
    STDR = {'Storage Drawers', [=[Storage Drawers]=]},
    STDRE = {'Storage Drawers Extra', [=[Storage Drawers Extra]=]},
    STS = {'Santa\'s Toys', [=[Santa's Toys]=]},
    STW = {'SteamWorld', [=[SteamWorld]=]},
    SUB = {'Substratum', [=[Substratum]=]},
    SUBPKT = {'subpocket', [=[subpocket]=]},
    SUTIL = {'Simply Utilities', [=[Simply Utilities]=]},
    SWD = {'Star Wars Droids', [=[Star Wars Droids]=]},
    SYMCALC = {'Symcalc', [=[Symcalc]=]},
    SYNC = {'Sync', [=[Sync]=]},
    T3MS = {'!t3ms++', [=[!t3ms++]=]},
    TAN = {'Tough As Nails', [=[Tough As Nails]=]},
    TAR = {'Tardis Mod', [=[Tardis Mod]=]},
    TB = {'Thaumic Bases', [=[Thaumic Bases]=]},
    TC = {'Tinkers\' Construct', [=[Tinkers' Construct]=]},
    TC3 = {'Thaumcraft 3', [=[Thaumcraft 3]=]},
    ["TC3-E"] = {'Thaumcraft 3', [=[Thaumcraft 3]=]},
    TC4 = {'Thaumcraft 4', [=[Thaumcraft 4]=]},
    TC4A = {'Thaumcraft 4 Aspects', 'Thaumcraft 4 Aspects'},
    TC5 = {'Thaumcraft 5', [=[Thaumcraft 5]=]},
    TC5GC = {'Thaumcraft 5 Golem Components', 'Thaumcraft 5 Golem Components'},
    TC5GT = {'Thaumcraft 5 Golem Traits', 'Thaumcraft 5 Golem Traits'},
    TC6 = {'Thaumcraft 6', [=[Thaumcraft 6]=]},
    TC6A = {'Thaumcraft 6 Aspects', 'Thaumcraft 6 Aspects'},
    TCL = {'Tesla Core Lib', [=[Tesla Core Lib]=]},
    TD = {'Thermal Dynamics', [=[Thermal Dynamics]=]},
    TDM = {'The Dalek Mod', [=[The Dalek Mod]=]},
    TE = {'Thaumic Energistics', [=[Thaumic Energistics]=]},
    TE1 = {'Thermal Expansion 1', [=[Thermal Expansion 1]=]},
    TE2 = {'Thermal Expansion 2', [=[Thermal Expansion 2]=]},
    TE3 = {'Thermal Expansion 3', [=[Thermal Expansion 3]=]},
    TE4 = {'Thermal Expansion 4', [=[Thermal Expansion 4]=]},
    TE5 = {'Thermal Expansion 5', [=[Thermal Expansion 5]=]},
    TEB = {'The Erebus', [=[The Erebus]=]},
    TEE = {'The Endergetic Expansion', [=[The Endergetic Expansion]=]},
    TF = {'Twilight Forest', [=[Twilight Forest]=]},
    TFM = {'The Future Mod!', [=[The Future Mod!]=]},
    TH = {'Tool Heads', [=[Tool Heads]=]},
    THC = {'Thermal Cultivation', [=[Thermal Cultivation]=]},
    THF = {'Thermal Foundation', [=[Thermal Foundation]=]},
    THHZ = {'Thaumic Horizons', [=[Thaumic Horizons]=]},
    THI = {'Thermal Innovation', [=[Thermal Innovation]=]},
    THPOTS = {'Thaumic Potatoes', [=[Thaumic Potatoes]=]},
    THREED = {'3D-Furnace', [=[3D-Furnace]=]},
    THS = {'Thermal Series', [=[Thermal Series]=]},
    TIC = {'Tinkers\' Construct', [=[Tinkers' Construct]=]},
    TIC2 = {'Tinkers\' Construct 2', [=[<span class="mw-translate-fuzzy">Tinkers' Construct</span>]=]},
    TIC3 = {'Tinkers\' Construct 3', [=[<span class="mw-translate-fuzzy">Tinkers' Construct</span>]=]},
    TIS = {'Tinkers\' Steelworks', [=[Tinkers' Steelworks]=]},
    TIS3D = {'TIS-3D', [=[TIS-3D]=]},
    TLCT = {'Translocators', [=[Translocators]=]},
    TM = {'Technomancy', [=[Technomancy]=]},
    TMOR = {'The Mists of RioV', [=[The Mists of RioV]=]},
    TMOR2 = {'The Mists of RioV 2', [=[The Mists of RioV 2]=]},
    TNEI = {'Thaumic NEI Plugin', [=[Thaumic NEI Plugin]=]},
    TNTM = {'Tainted Magic', [=[Tainted Magic]=]},
    TOP = {'The One Probe', [=[The One Probe]=]},
    TORCH = {'Realistic Torches', [=[Realistic Torches]=]},
    TOT = {'Totemic', [=[Totemic]=]},
    TP = {'Tiny Progressions', [=[Tiny Progressions]=]},
    TPODS = {'Tide Pods', [=[Tide Pods]=]},
    TR = {'Tech Reborn', [=[Tech Reborn]=]},
    TRAV = {'Traverse', [=[Traverse]=]},
    TRC = {'Tropicraft', [=[Tropicraft]=]},
    TRINKETS = {'Lost Trinkets', [=[Lost Trinkets]=]},
    TRNC = {'Traincraft', [=[Traincraft]=]},
    TS = {'Tubestuff', [=[Tubestuff]=]},
    TT = {'Thaumic Tinkerer', [=[Thaumic Tinkerer]=]},
    TTBP = {'"To the Bat Poles!"', [=["To the Bat Poles!"]=]},
    TVO = {'The Vegan Option', [=[The Vegan Option]=]},
    TWG = {'The Weirding Gadget', [=[The Weirding Gadget]=]},
    TX = {'Thaumic Exploration', [=[Thaumic Exploration]=]},
    UA = {'Upgrade Aquatic', [=[Upgrade Aquatic]=]},
    UB = {'Underground Biomes', [=[Underground Biomes]=]},
    UC = {'Useful Crops', [=[Useful Crops]=]},
    UDAA = {'Up And Down And All Around', [=[Up And Down And All Around]=]},
    UNG = {'The Undergarden', [=[The Undergarden]=]},
    UPPER = {'Uppers', [=[Uppers]=]},
    UR = {'Unidye Reborn', [=[Unidye Reborn]=]},
    USR = {'UsefulRecipes', [=[UsefulRecipes]=]},
    UTILX = {'UtilitiX', [=[UtilitiX]=]},
    V = {'Vanilla', [=[Vanilla]=]},
    VANR = {'Vanilla Rebirth', [=[Vanilla Rebirth]=]},
    VC = {'ViesCraft', [=[ViesCraft]=]},
    VKRLIB = {'ValkyrieLib', [=[ValkyrieLib]=]},
    VLM = {'Villager Market', [=[Villager Market]=]},
    VN = {'Villager\'s Nose', [=[Villager's Nose]=]},
    VTECH = {'VoidTech', [=[VoidTech]=]},
    W = {'Witchery', [=[Witchery]=]},
    ["W-GLYPH"] = {'Witchery', [=[Witchery]=]},
    WA = {'Weeping Angels (TheTemportalist)', 'Weeping Angels', [=[Weeping Angels]=]},
    WADDLES = {'Waddles', [=[Waddles]=]},
    WATS = {'Water Strainer', [=[Water Strainer]=]},
    WE = {'Wearables', [=[Wearables]=]},
    WEMT = {'Electro-Thaumic Tools', [=[Electro-Thaumic Tools]=]},
    WHH = {'Wings, Horns, and Hooves, the Ultimate Unicorn Mod', [=[Wings, Horns, and Hooves, the Ultimate Unicorn Mod]=]},
    WIKI = {'FTB Wiki', [=[FTB Wiki]=]},
    WIZA = {'Wizardry', [=[Wizardry]=]},
    WOOT = {'Woot', [=[Woot]=]},
    WOPPER = {'Wopper', [=[Wopper]=]},
    WP = {'WeaponsPlus', [=[WeaponsPlus]=]},
    WR = {'WR-CBE', [=[WR-CBE]=]},
    WRDCTRL = {'World Control', [=[World Control]=]},
    WRMH = {'Wormhole', [=[Wormhole]=]},
    WTA = {'WholeTreeAxe', [=[WholeTreeAxe]=]},
    XC = {'XyCraft', [=[XyCraft]=]},
    XFOOD = {'More XFood', [=[More XFood]=]},
    XLFM = {'XL Food Mod', [=[XL Food Mod]=]},
    XN = {'XNet', [=[XNet]=]},
    XR = {'Xeno\'s Reliquary', [=[Xeno's Reliquary]=]},
    XT = {'Xtones', [=[Xtones]=]},
    YAMM = {'Yet Another Meme Mod', [=[Yet Another Meme Mod]=]},
    Z = {'Ztones', [=[Ztones]=]}

local modsByName = {}

for abbr, data in pairs(modsByAbbrv) do
   data.abbr = abbr
   data.link = data[1]
   if #data == 3 then
       data.localized = data[3]
       data.name = data[2]
       data.localized = data[2]
       data.name = data[1]
   modsByName[data.name] = data

return {byName = modsByName, byAbbrv = modsByAbbrv}