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This is the documentation page for Module:Mods/list

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To add new mods to the list, add to the modsByAbbrv table. Keys are mod abbreviations, while values are a table of

{ link, optional unlocalized name, localized name }

where the middle entry only needs to be present if it's not the same as the link.



Table, keys are mod names, values are mod information tables


Table, keys are mod abbreviations, values are mod information tables.

Mod information tables

Key Value
link Name of the mod's page, without the language suffix
name Name of the mod, unlocalized
localized Name of the mod, localized

Abbreviation conventions

There are a few conventions for abbreviated mod names:

  • Abbreviations should, of course, be based off the mod name.
  • Smaller mods should use longer abbreviations, as the abbreviations are rarely used. For examples, BunnyTech is abbreviated as BUNTCH, and Long Fall Boots is abbreviated as LONGFALLBO.
  • Larger mods should use shorter abbreviations when possible. For example, Tinkers' Construct is abbreviated as TC.
  • When possible, mods that have common abbreviations should use those abbreviations. For example, IndustrialCraft 2 is abbreviated as IC2, and Thaumcraft 5 is abbreviated as TC5.
  • One-character abbreviations should usually not be used unless the mod is very large and/or the abbreviation is very commonly used. For example, Minecraft is abbreviated as V.

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