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local p = {}
p.docLead = [=[It is for ores.]=]
p.format = {
        title={arg="name", desc = [=[Material name]=]},
            {[=[Mods]=], {arg="mod", desc = [=[Source mods.]=]}},
            {[=[Ore Dictionary]=], {arg="oredict", desc=[=[Ore dictionary names for this material.]=]}}
        title=[=[GregTech 6]=],
            {[=[Tool quality]=], {arg="quality", desc=[=[Mining level of tools made from this material.]=]}},
            {[=[Tool speed]=], {arg="speed", desc=[=[Speed multiplier for tools made from this material.]=]}},
            {[=[Tool durability]=], {arg="durability", desc=[=[Durability multiplier for tools made from this material.]=]}},
            {[=[Tool handle]=], {arg="handle", desc=[=[Material for the handle when making tools from this material.]=]}}
        title = [=[Variants]=],
            {[=[{{L|Ores|Ore}}]=], {arg="ore", desc = [=[Ore form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Small Ores|Small Ore}}]=], {arg="smallore", desc = [=[Small Ore form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Poor Ores|Poor Ore}}]=], {arg="poorore", desc = [=[Poor Ore form.]=]}},
            {[=[ {{L|Rocks|Rock}}]=], {arg="rock", desc = [=[ Rock form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Storage Blocks|Block}}]=], {arg="block", desc = [=[Block form.]=]}}
            {[=[{{L|Ingots|Ingot}}]=], {arg="ingot", desc = [=[Ingot form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Double Ingots|Double Ingot}}]=], {arg="doubleingot", desc = [=[Double ingot form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Triple Ingots|Triple Ingot}}]=], {arg="tripleingot", desc = [=[Triple ingot form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Quadruple Ingots|Quadruple Ingot}}]=], {arg="quadrupleingot", desc = [=[Quadruple ingot form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Quintuple Ingots|Quintuple Ingot}}]=], {arg="quintupleingot", desc = [=[Quintuple ingot form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Hot Ingots|Hot Ingot}}]=], {arg="hotingot", desc = [=[Hot ingot form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Chunks|Chunk}}]=], {arg="chunk", desc = [=[Chunk form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Nuggets|Nugget}}]=], {arg="nugget", desc = [=[Nugget form.]=]}}
            {[=[{{L|Chipped Gems|Chipped Gem}}]=], {arg="chippedgem", desc = [=[Chipped gem form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Flawed Gems|Flawed Gem}}]=], {arg="flawedgem", desc = [=[Flawed gem form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Gems|Gem}}]=], {arg="gem", desc = [=[Gem form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Flawless Gems|Flawless Gem}}]=], {arg="flawlessgem", desc = [=[Flawless gem form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Exquisite Gems|Exquisite Gem}}]=], {arg="exquisitegem", desc = [=[Exquisite gem form.]=]}}
            {[=[Dirty Gravel]=], {arg="dirtygravel", desc = [=[Dirty gravel form.]=]}},
            {[=[Clean Gravel]=], {arg="cleangravel", desc = [=[Clean gravel form.]=]}},
            {[=[Reduced Chunks]=], {arg="reducedchunks", desc = [=[Reduced chunks form.]=]}},
            {[=[Crystalline]=], {arg="crystalline", desc = [=[Crystalline form.]=]}}
            {[=[Native Cluster]=], {arg="natcluster", desc = [=[Native cluster form.]=]}}
            {[=[{{L|Dusts|Dust}}]=], {arg="dust", desc = [=[Dust form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Small Piles of Dust|Small Dust}}]=], {arg="smalldust", desc = [=[Small dust pile form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Tiny Piles of Dust|Tiny Dust}}]=], {arg="tinydust", desc = [=[Tiny dust pile form.]=]}},
            {[=[ {{L|1/72nds of a Pile of Dust|1/72nd of a Pile}}]=], {arg="div72dust", desc = [=[ 1/72nd of a dust pile form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Crushed Ores|Crushed Ore}}]=], {arg="crushedore", desc = [=[Crushed ore form.]=]}},
            {[=[ {{L|Tiny Crushed Ores|Tiny Crushed Ore}}]=], {arg="tinycrushedore", desc = [=[ Tiny crushed ore form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Impure Piles of Dust|Impure Dust}}]=], {arg="impuredust", desc = [=[Impure dust pile form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Purified Ores|Purified Ore}}]=], {arg="pureore", desc = [=[Purified ore form.]=]}},
            {[=[ {{L|Tiny Purified Ores|Tiny Purified Ore}}]=], {arg="tinypureore", desc = [=[ Tiny purified ore form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Purified Piles of Dust|Purified Dust}}]=], {arg="puredust", desc = [=[Purified dust pile form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Centrifuged Ores|Centrifuged Ore}}]=], {arg="centrifugedore", desc = [=[Centrifuged ore form]=]}},
            {[=[ {{L|Tiny Centrifuged Ores|Tiny Centrifuged Ore}}]=], {arg="tinycentrifugedore", desc = [=[ Tiny centrifuged ore form]=]}}
            {[=[Molten]=], {arg="molten", desc = [=[Molten form.]=]}}
            {[=[Fluid]=], {arg="fluid", desc = [=[Fluid form.]=]}}
            {[=[{{L|Tiny Plates|Tiny Plate}}]=], {arg="tinyplate", desc = [=[Tiny plate form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Plates|Plate}}]=], {arg="plate", desc = [=[Plate form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Double Plates|Double Plate}}]=], {arg="doubleplate", desc = [=[Double plate form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Triple Plates|Triple Plate}}]=], {arg="tripleplate", desc = [=[Triple plate form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Quadruple Plates|Quadruple Plate}}]=], {arg="quadrupleplate", desc = [=[Quadruple plate form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Quintuple Plates|Quintuple Plate}}]=], {arg="quintupleplate", desc = [=[Quintuple plate form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Dense Plates|Dense Plate}}]=], {arg="denseplate", desc = [=[Dense plate form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Thin Plates|Thin Plate}}]=], {arg="thinplate", desc=[=[Thin plate form.]=]}},
            {[=[Crystalline Plates]=], {arg="crystallineplate", desc = [=[Crystalline plate form.]=]}},
            {[=[Tiny Crystalline Plates]=], {arg="tinycrystallineplate", desc = [=[Tiny crystalline plate form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Rods|Rod}}]=], {arg="rod", desc = [=[Rod form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Long Rods|Long Rod}}]=], {arg="longrod", desc = [=[Long rod form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Lenses|Lens}}]=], {arg="lens", desc = [=[Lens form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Rounds|Round}}]=], {arg="round", desc = [=[Round form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Bolts|Bolt}}]=], {arg="bolt", desc = [=[Bolt form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Screws|Screw}}]=], {arg="screw", desc = [=[Screw form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Rings|Ring}}]=], {arg="ring", desc = [=[Ring form.]=]}},
            {[=[ {{L|Chains|Chain}}]=], {arg="chain", desc = [=[ Chain form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Gears|Gear}}]=], {arg="gear", desc = [=[Gear form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Small Gears|Small Gear}}]=], {arg="smallgear", desc = [=[Small gear form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Foils|Foil}}]=], {arg="foil", desc = [=[Foil form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Springs|Spring}}]=], {arg="spring", desc = [=[Spring form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Small Springs|Small Spring}}]=], {arg="smallspring", desc = [=[Small spring form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Fine Wires|Fine Wire}}]=], {arg="finewire", desc = [=[Fine wire form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Rotors|Rotor}}]=], {arg="rotor", desc = [=[Rotor form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Arrows|Arrow}}]=], {arg="arrow", desc = [=[Arrow form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|GT Credits|Credit}}]=], {arg="credit", desc = [=[Credit form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Cart Wheels|Cart Wheel}}]=], {arg="cartwheel", desc = [=[Cart wheel form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Scraps|Scrap}}]=], {arg="scrap", desc = [=[Scrap form.]=]}}
            {[=[{{L|Cells|Cell}}]=], {arg="cell", desc = [=[Cell form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Plasma Cells|Plasma Cell}}]=], {arg="pcell", desc = [=[Plasma cell form.]=]}},
            {[=[{{L|Glass Tubes|Glass Tube}}]=], {arg="glasstube", desc = [=[Glass tube form.]=]}}
            {[=[{{L|Coins|Coin}}]=], {arg="coin", desc = [=[Coin form.]=]}}
            {[=[Others]=], {arg="others", desc = [=[Other form.]=]}}

p.examples = {{[=[{{Infobox ore
|mod={{L|GregTech 5}}<br />{{L|Engineer's Toolbox}}<br />{{L|Immersive Engineering}}<br />{{L|Tech Reborn}}
|ore={{RI|Aluminium Ore (Stone)|GT5}}{{RI|Aluminium Ore (Red Granite)|GT5}}{{RI|Aluminium Ore (Black Granite)|GT5}}{{RI|Aluminium Ore (Netherrack)|GT5}}{{RI|Aluminium Ore (Endstone)|GT5}}
|smallore={{RI|Small Aluminium Ore (Stone)|GT5}}{{RI|Small Aluminium Ore (Red Granite)|GT5}}{{RI|Small Aluminium Ore (Black Granite)|GT5}}{{RI|Small Aluminium Ore (Netherrack)|GT5}}{{RI|Small Aluminium Ore (Endstone)|GT5}}
|block={{RI|Block of Aluminium|GT4}}{{RI|Aluminium Block|ET}}{{RI|Block of Aluminium|IE}}{{RI|Aluminium Slab|IE}}{{RI|Block of Aluminium|TR}}
|ingot={{RI|Aluminium Ingot|GT5}}{{RI|Aluminium Ingot|GT4}}{{RI|Aluminium Ingot|ET}}{{RI|Aluminium Ingot|IE}}{{RI|Aluminium Ingot|TR}}
|dust={{RI|Aluminium Dust|GT5}}{{RI|Aluminium Dust|GT4}}{{RI|Pure Aluminium Dust|ET}}{{RI|Aluminium Grit|IE}}{{RI|Aluminium Dust|TR}}
|smalldust={{RI|Small Pile of Aluminium Dust|GT5}}{{RI|Small Pile of Aluminium Dust|GT4}}{{RI|Small Pile of Aluminium Dust|TR}}
|tinydust={{RI|Tiny Pile of Aluminium Dust|GT5}}{{RI|Tiny Pile of Aluminium Dust|GT4}}
|impuredust={{RI|Impure Pile of Aluminium Dust|GT5}}{{RI|Dirty Pile of Aluminium Dust|GT4}}{{RI|Impure Aluminium Dust|ET}}
|crushedore={{RI|Crushed Aluminium Ore|GT5}}
|puredust={{RI|Purified Pile of Aluminium Dust|GT5}}
|pureore={{RI|Purified Aluminium Ore|GT5}}
|centrifugedore={{RI|Centrifuged Aluminium Ore|GT5}}
|nugget={{RI|Aluminium Nugget|GT5}}{{RI|Aluminium Nugget|GT4}}{{RI|Aluminium Nugget|IE}}{{RI|Aluminium Nugget|TR}}
|plate={{RI|Aluminium Plate|GT5}}{{RI|Aluminium Plate|GT4}}{{RI|Aluminium Plate|IE}}{{RI|Aluminium Plate|TR}}
|rod={{RI|Aluminium Rod|GT5}}{{RI|Aluminium Rod|GT4}}{{RI|Aluminium Rod|IE}}
|round={{RI|Aluminium Round|GT5}}{{RI|Aluminium Round|GT4}}
|bolt={{RI|Aluminium Bolt|GT5}}{{RI|Aluminium Bolt|GT4}}
|screw={{RI|Aluminium Screw|GT5}}{{RI|Aluminium Screw|GT4}}
|ring={{RI|Aluminium Ring|GT5}}<!--{{RI|Aluminium Ring|GT4}}-->
|gear={{RI|Aluminium Gear|GT5}}<!--{{RI|Aluminium Gear|GT4}}-->
|pcell={{RI|Aluminium Plasma Cell|GT5}}
|others={{RI|Crate of Aluminium Dust|GT5}}{{RI|Crate of Aluminium Ingot|GT5}}{{RI|Crate of Aluminium Plate|GT5}}

return p