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Modrinth is a free and open-source[1] modding platform currently in beta. Among its features are a fast and easy-to-use search interface[2], along with ease of use and access for both mod developers and mod users.

According to the homepage, it intends to be the "world's most modder-friendly platform".[3] It features an open source API[4] coded in Rust, which can be used in various use cases, including both publishing and downloading mods.

Along with its backend API, it also has a comprehensive frontend[5], featuring a search function with various filters, including categories, mod loaders (currently Fabric and Forge), Minecraft version (including snapshots), and mod license.[6]

Screenshot of the search functionality of Modrinth's frontend, Knossos.

The website's search feature also allows you to sort several different ways, including download count, follow count, update date, and creation date.

There are various additional features on the website, including follows, user profiles, and reports.

The About Page for Modrinth, detailing the goal of the site

At this time, Modrinth only hosts mods, but there are future intentions to host things such as modpacks, datapacks, plugins, etc.

Development of Modrinth takes place on its GitHub, and live communication takes place in its Discord.

Updates can be found on its blog or on its Twitter.

A screenshot showing the open source API use cases for the site

Among additional features are login integration with GitHub, a Gradle plugin for easy mod publishing[7], and a custom authentication system[8].