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Modpacks (short for mod packages, or modification packages) are packages of mods. Virtually all modpacks use mods created for the Java Edition.


Configuring mods to work together is complicated. Block ID conflicts, conflicting class files, other problems are common. The very first modpack ever was Zombe's Modpack by tanzanite AKA zombe released for Alpha 1.2.0_02. However the mods in Zombe's were utilities, cheats, and minor tweaks as opposed to additional content.

The first content modpack was Minecraft Community Pack by fact_fiction_rabbit for Beta 1.1_02. This was soon taken down due to lacking permission from mod developers, breaking the rules of Minecraft Forum.

Next came Arrrg's MineCraft Overhaul by Arrrg for Beta 1.2_02. This too was taken down for lack of permission, being swiftly re-released after getting it from mod and texture pack authors. It never became as popular as later modpacks, due to the large amount of mods being very demanding on typical PCs of the time. Unfortunately, AMCO versions earlier than Beta 1.7.3 seem to be lost.

Next came NOW that's what I call Minecraft! for Beta 1.5_01 and Beta 1.6.6 by Pudding Huxtable of the SomethingAwful forums. This modpack was quite popular and gained the attention of two parties: KakerMix and The Yogscast, all of them SomethingAwful users. The Yogscast featured the modpack in their videos and it was so well-liked that they worked together with Pudding Huxtable to make their own modpack, the Yogbox, first officially released for Beta 1.7.3.

Meanwhile KakerMix was working on a pack of his own, the Technic Pack, first released for Beta 1.7.3. This had more of a theme and structure to it, mostly tech and automation mods but with some variety too.

The first version of Technic Pack was somewhat buggy, and was soon followed by v2 and v3, both also for Beta 1.7.3. The Yogscast spotlighted Technic Pack v3 on their channel, leading to an explosion of popularity and interest. After the release of Technic Pack v6 for Minecraft 1.1 came the Technic Launcher, greatly simplifying the modpack installation process. YogBox, Technic Pack, and Tekkit moved to the Technic Launcher.

Over time, other platforms arose, including Feed The Beast and ATLauncher. Many, perhaps even most, players of modded Minecraft use modpacks rather than downloading and configuring mods manually.

Originally, most modpacks were "kitchen sink" modpacks; they included a number of mods designed to work together, but nothing more. Various modpacks with themes, custom maps, and goals rose over time, such as Feed The Beast Retro, Agrarian Skies, Infinity and Blightfall. Hardcore Questing Mode and similar mods have been frequently used to give modpacks a goal or a storyline.


The original Technic modpack and sequel modpacks did not include express permission from the mod authors to redistribute their mods. This later became a problem when SirSengir introduced malicious code to make the Vindictive Bee destroy blocks around it when the mod jar was inside a "technic" folder. Later modpack platforms, including Feed The Beast and ATLauncher, required all modpacks to have permission from all mods inside their modpacks. Due to Curse, Inc. having permission to distribute all mods uploaded to CurseForge, all CurseForge modpacks created through mods hosted on CurseForge automatically have permission.

Although the legal status of modpacks requiring permission to distribute their mods has never been challenged in court, the general consensus is that it is legally required. Because mods are derivative works of Minecraft, Mojang has the right to regulate them[1]. However, they still can be released under licenses that restrict distribution[2]. Additionally, the use of mods without having express permission is generally seen as unethical in the modded community, although mod authors using restrictive licenses is also commonly frowned upon[3][4][5].