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Start dateApril 15th, 2017
End dateApril 21st, 2017
Conducted byEladkay

Modoff (sometimes formatted as ModOff) was a competition hosted by Eladkay, Rushmead and LordSaad (who also participated, creating Cranes & Construction) and other members that tasks participants to create a mod over a 5 day period in the last 2 weeks of April 2017. It was designed as spiritual successor to The Modding Trials, due to the issues surrounding it; many users were unhappy with The Modding Trials because of its poor organization and because "meme mods" (joke mods) dominated the competition. Modoff banned meme mods.

There was a server used for the mod authors to display their creations. Voting takes place using an in-game command. The voting is separated into popular vote plus three categories: functional, aesthetic and original.

On October 13th, 2017, Modoff team member Eladkay announced on the /r/feedthebeast subreddit that there would be a second Modoff competition named Modoff 2: Reforged[1]. Signups started on January 18th, 2018, with the competition taking place between January 22nd and 28th[2].


Top 5

Mod Mod author(s) Total votes Rewards
Wearables gegy1000, TheJurassicAlien 62 $50 CreeperHost credit, $20 Steam gift card, coverage by FTB Wiki editors, interview by Amaxter on Behind The Mod, 300 Curse Points
Skillable Vazkii, wiiv 53 $30 CreeperHost credit, $20 Steam gift card, coverage by FTB Wiki editors, 150 Curse Points
Augmented Interactions pau101 34 $20 CreeperHost credit, $20 Steam gift card, coverage by FTB Wiki editors
Cranes & Construction LordSaad 30 250 Curse Points
Brewery TJKenMate, WhiteAutumn 24 150 Curse Points

Top 4 Aesthetics

Mod Mod author(s) Votes
Wearables gegy1000, TheJurassicAlien 40
Augmented Interactions pau101 18
Skillable Vazkii, wiiv 9
Nomagi TehNut, Chloe Dawn 9

Top 4 Functionality

Mod Mod author(s) Votes
Skillable Vazkii, wiiv 35
MNU abecderic 12
Cranes & Construction LordSaad 11
Brewery Tjkenmate 11

Top 4 Creativity

Mod Mod author(s) Votes
Augmented Interactions pau101 14
Tartaros Pyrofab, CobraDarkPoney 14
Cranes & Construction LordSaad 13
Wearables gegy1000, TheJurassicAlien 12

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All mods created

  1. Amazig Food (by AmazigJj)
  2. Augmented Interactions (by pau101)
  3. Brewery (by Tjkenmate and WhiteAutumn)
  4. Chimewood (by Pachycephalosauria)
  5. Circuitry (by thecodewarrior1)
  6. Cranes & Construction (by LordSaad)
  7. Environmental Grimoires (by sokratis12GR, c2w_alex, ImmortalPharaoh7, and KewaiiGamer)
  8. Fantastic Beasts and How to Eat Them (by Lance5057)
  9. Industrial Conveyor Belts (by MrRiegel and TechmageDE)
  10. Infernum (by mangoose3039)
  11. MNU (by abecderic)
  12. Modular Machine Frame (by ZenDarva)
  13. Modular Pipes (by LatvianModder and tatsu011)
  14. Nomagi (by TehNut and Chloe Dawn)
  15. Off! The Mod (by bafomdad)
  16. Player Progression (by 115kino)
  17. Realistic Processing (by Mowmaster)
  18. Realm Of Yendor's Artifacts of the Lost (by machinespray, Febilian, Tristaric)
  19. Skillable (by Vazkii and wiiv)
  20. Spatial Systems (by A_Deathly_Touch, Blynd3, and Bread10)
  21. SpectrumCraft (by Shadow_Hawk)
  22. Stickies (by The_Icy_One)
  23. Tartaros (by Pyrofab and CobraDarkPoney)
  24. Wearables (by gegy1000, TheJurassicAlien)