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This page documents some of the compatibilities/incompatibilities of some mods with GregTech 5. You might want to go here to read about the changes GregTech does to vanilla Minecraft and Vanilla IndustrialCraft 2 (also known as IC2) first.

This article's main aim is to give somebody who does not like to mess around with things to get them to work a rough idea of what level of difficulty they should expect in attempting to get GregTech to work perfectly with their chosen mod.

Here are some general things you need to know about GregTech before we talk about mod compatibilities:

  • By default, GregTech only modifies Minecraft and IC2. However, GregTech makes use of the OreDictionary. Thus, some changes might have effects which seem weird to the user. For example, GregTech nerfs the default wood->plank->stick crafting, which might affect other mods that add different types of wood.
  • GregTech also unifies any materials it recognises into a single version of the material. For example, anything that is registered as ingotCopper is converted automatically to the IC2 version of Copper Ingots.
    Do note that this does not apply to any mDiyo mods. The latter specifically requested that GregTech does not try to unify anything from his mods.

All Forge mods are somewhat compatible with each other due to the simple fact that they are using Forge. To avoid the use of the terms "compatible" and "incompatible" in this article, we shall define new compatibility levels as follows:

  • Level 1 Compatibility mods are basically mods that any GregTech user should consider adding to their mod list.
    Mods under this category should:
    • require no config editing to do at all. The mod should work with GregTech by default.
    • provide stuff that GT cannot not provide on its own.
  • Level 2 Compatibility mods are mods that are still interesting to GregTech users but have minor issues.
    Mods will fall under this category if:
    • They have issues that can easily be fixed with some straightforward config editing will fall under this category.
      Straightforward config editing is for example, setting a value from true to false in a config. Anything more complicated than that will fall under the next category.
    • They have minor issues which can easily be worked around (if the issue cannot be fixed).
  • Level 3 Compatibility mods are mods that might be problematic for the average user.
    Mods will fall under this category if:
    • They might cause unexpected problems.
    • The issue is quite severe and requires more work than straightforward config editing to get them to work with GregTech. For example, minetweaker or writing any sort of mod to fix problems.
    • They do not fall under previous categories.

This wiki will not document all Forge mods. Most Forge mods will at least be Level 2 Compatible. The few mods that are Level 3 Compatible are mods that either make a LOT of changes to Minecraft or are written by their authors so that they are not compatible with other mods.

Should you run into problems, remember that you can try asking for help on the forums or IRC channels.

Level 1 Compatibility


Main article: CodeChickenLib

CodeChickenLib is useful to have as from GregTech 5.01g. GregTech needs this mod to show a more detailed overlay when you have a wrench in your hand. This will definitely help many new players get used to GregTech's wrenching mechanics.


Main article: NEI

NEI is recommended by GregTech's mod author. NEI will show recipes for any item that uses the Crafting Table. NEI Plugins is an addon to NEI you might consider installing since it helps with recipes that do not use Vanilla Crafting Mechanics.

CodeChickenLib is installed automatically if NEI is installed.

Per Fabrica Ad Astra Geologica

Main article: Per Fabrica Ad Astra Geologica

Per Fabrica Ad Astra Geologica, or PFAA, uses GregTech ore names if it detects that GregTech is present. Also, GregTech automatically disables its own ore generation if it detects that PFAA is present. All of the ores that are not generated by PFAA will be generated by GregTech in the Nether and/or the End.


Main article: Railcraft
  • Railcraft Steam is accepted by GregTech.
  • GregTech adds its own multiblock Boilers as from version 5.01i. These have their own mechanics and are different from Railcraft's Boilers. You might want to do some research before choosing which boiler better suits your needs.
  • Railcraft's Blast Furnace makes steel quicker. However, building it requires going to the Nether. Due to the flint and steel recipe change, you need to build GregTech's own Bronze Plated Blast Furnace before going to the Nether; unless you manage to light a nether portal without flint and steel, or you find some steel in dungeon chests.
  • Sulfur, Tin, Copper, Iron, Gold and Saltpeter are all generated by GregTech.
  • If you choose to disable Railcraft's World Generation module, do note that GregTech will not generate Firestones.
[...] Firestone [...] do not spawn, but those are better to be kept with their Original Worldgen.
GregoriusT , GregTech Thread
  • Railcraft Firestone can be used to make meta-tools in GT. Any tool made out of Firestones will have the fire aspect III enchant and will autosmelt mined blocks.

Applied Energistics 2 (AE2)

Main article: Applied Energistics 2
  • AE2 Certus Quartz will not unify with GregTech Certus Quartz. That means AE2 Quartz will not magically transform into GT Quartz if you have World Generation from both mods enabled.
There were Issues with the pure AE Quartz, the regular AE Quartz and GT Quartz, so I blacklisted it from Unification, like I did with the Industrial Diamonds.
GregoriusT , GregTech Thread
  • GregTech changes the AE2 Quartz -> Silicon smelting recipe. The only way to produce AE2 raw silicon is using the Electric Blast Furnace.
Note: To acquire silicon when GT is installed you will require a electric blast furnace for silicon. No more quartz smelting.
SpwnX , GregTech Thread
  • Note that you can obtain Charged Certus Quartz through GregTech Electrolyzers should you have AE2 World Generation disabled.
AE Charged Quartz can be obtained by throwing regular Quartz Crystals into the Electrolyzer, and Certus already spawns in the World in regular GT.
GregoriusT , GregTech Thread

Thaumcraft 4 (TC4)

Main article: Thaumcraft 4
  • GregTech adds 5 new Compound Aspects to its own machines and tools in addition to existing TC4 Aspects.
Added 5 brand new Compound Aspects, which can describe things much better. They are currently not used to create or research anything, but you can try to find all 5 of them (every Aspect of those can be found by Scanning, except maybe one, but that is depending on your Worldgen).
GregoriusT , GregTech Thread
  • You can disable TC4 Cinnabar Generation since GregTech generates those but it is best to leave all other TC4 World Generation with their default settings.
Cinnabar also already spawns.
Infused Crystals [...] and Amber however do not spawn, but those are better to be kept with their Original Worldgen.
GregoriusT , GregTech Thread
  • TC4 Thaumium can be used to make GT Tools. Thaumium tools will have fortune and looting II.
  • TC4 Shards can be used to make GT tools with low durability, but special properties.


Main article: BiblioCraft

Bibliocraft has support for GregTech Tools as of Bibliocraft version 1.7.3 (for Minecraft 1.7.10).

I [...] added default support for [...] Gregtech items / tools on some of the BiblioCraft blocks.
Nuchaz , Bibliocraft blog


Main article: Forestry

Forestry should work without problems by default but disabling Apatite Generation from either Forestry or GT might lead to problems.

i don't know if GT generates its apatite by default, but i know that either GT or forestry Apatite will work for all the recipes that use them.
SpwnX , GregTech Thread

Pam's HarvestCraft

Main article: Pam's HarvestCraft

Many of the foods that are added by GregTech are only available if HarvestCraft is installed. This is because of all of the new crops that it adds.

Level 2 Compatibility

Thermal Expansion

Main article: Thermal Expansion

Thermal Expansion's Fluid Transposer will not fill water bottles. A work around is to use Autonomous Activators instead.

Yes I do that, because it would be an unintended infinite Water Source. Use the Autonomous Activator instead to fill your Bottles.
Ahem, I UNREGISTERED it to NOT be considered as a 333 Liter of Water Bottle, because you could get infinite Water from that.
GregoriusT , GregTech Thread

Level 3 Compatibility

Tinkers' Construct (TiC)

Main article: Tinkers' Construct

Tinkers' Construct would have been a Level 2 Compatibility Mod with GregTech, except for one problem : TiC Aluminum is unified into GT Aluminium which is unusable in TiC Smelteries.

The reason for this is that TiC accepts only Aluminum in its Smelteries but GT names its Aluminium Aluminium, which is the preferred IUPAC name.

Possible solutions include:

  • Editing GregTech's unification configs.
  • Writing a mini-mod to re-register GT Aluminium Ingots under ingotAluminum in the OreDictionary.

Be warned that other problems might appear as you use both Mods together.


Main article: Natura

Natura is incompatible with many mods by default since Natura does not use the OreDictionary to register its wood logs. This might change in future versions but as of now, GregTech's wood nerf will not reduce the plank output of Natura logs, resulting in inconsistent plank output between Natura trees vs. OreDictionary trees. Furthermore, Saws, the Sawmill and the Industrial Sawmill will not work with Natura wood logs.

Possible solutions include:

  • Disabling generation of Natura trees in Natura's config
  • Disabling GregTech's wood nerf, so that all trees produce the same number of planks (i.e. 1 log --> 4 planks, without a Saw)

There is currently no way for other mod authors to fix this problem since the Natura author refuses to allow others "mess with his stuff".

MineFactory Reloaded (MFR)

Main article: MineFactory Reloaded

MineFactory Reloaded in the past re-registered every item as "greggy_greg_do_please_kindly_stuff_a_sock_in_it" in the Ore Dictionary when GregTech was detected. This has caused users of both MineFactory Reloaded and GregTech to complain about console spamming. Some users have also complained about automation not working as expected when both mods are installed. As a result, most of the code from the "greggy_greg" incident has been removed from the mod. However, MFR still re-registers Leather Boots as "greggy_greg_do_please_kindly_stuff_a_sock_in_it" if GregTech is present.

Currently, MFR can be considered to be a Level 2 Compatibility mod with GregTech but be aware that you might run into unknown/unexpected problems.


Main article: Optifine

Optifine might or might not work depending on your setup.

Ahem, Optifine doesn't work with IC², not the other way around :P

But try the Optifine Version linked above. NOTE: You won't be able to use the Network Tool of Applied Energistics when having Optifine installed.

Another thing is, that you don't actually need Optifine anymore, the Settings of regular Minecraft are more than enough to boost your FPS.
GregoriusT , GregTech Thread

TerraFirmaCraft (TFC)

Main article: TerraFirmaCraft

While it is not known whether TFC is actually compatible with GregTech, the latter has support for all of TFC's alloys and metals.

Added the TFC Alloys and Bismuth to my Materials. Most require a Blast Furnace to be made
GregoriusT , GregTech Thread

Do note that it is possible to produce some of TFC alloys without the mod itself and use them as materials for meta-tools, most notably the various types of steel. These have varying levels of the sharpness enchant depending on their complexity.

Flaxbeard's Steam Power (FSP)

Main article: Flaxbeard's Steam Power

Flaxbeard's Steam Power's Plates are not compatible with any other mod's plates, due to their OreDict entry "steamcraftPlate<Material>". This is intentional, and will not be changed, as FSP plates are made out of 6 nuggets, while the convention is 1-2 ingots.

There isn't really a solution, it's more something that users will simply need to live with and work around by having different plate-creation systems for the different mods.

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