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This page is about ModJam 5. For other uses, see ModJam.
ModJam 5
Start dateMarch 30th, 2018
End dateApril 3, 2018
Conducted bySearge

ModJam 5 was a competition hosted by Searge during Spring 2018. It tasked participants with creating an open-sourced mod using Minecraft Forge or map in 96 hours.



On March 17th, 2018, Searge sent 2 tweets hinting at the return of Modjam, the first noting his openness to repeating ModJam, and the second containing the message "MODJNAM" hidden in the capital letters.

I won't see any of the mails until I'm back home after GDC, but you can convince me via "event at modjam dot net" to do a certain thing again that didn't happen for a long while ;) Subject: "BECAUSE"[1]

the first tiMe it was a spontaneous idea that I had a day befOre easter, so it took place during easter weekenD and this time we'll Just do the same. No plans ready, no idea what's going to hAppen, but it'll be fun and should be More or less ok. #UnplannedFun[2]

On March 27th, 2018, Searge sent another hidden message, "MODJAM" in a tweet containing the text

Maybe sOmething to Do. Just on eAster weekend. Maybe...

as well as a QR code linking to the ModJam website, which contained only a timer counting down to the start date of the jam[3].


For the results, while everyone was able to vote, only participants' votes were counted towards the totals. This was done to prevent the community from overwhelmingly voting for "celebrity" mod authors for their name rather than the merit of their mod, as some had felt had happened in ModJam 3.[4]

Team mods

Place Mod Mod author(s)
1 Practical Space Fireworks ExpensiveKoala, gegy1000, tterrag
2 Camera Obscura ProfMobius, RazzleberryFox, Cojomax99
3 Crystals amadornes, therealfarfetchd

Solo mods

Place Mod Mod author(s)
1 Globe iChun
2 World Paint Wyn Price
3 Portality Buuz135

Team maps

Place Mod Mod author(s)
1 Exploria Pollieboy, Vilder50
2 One Hit Wonder Jigarbov, Cold Fusion
3 Sky Control Chopper2112, marhjo, federick90, Chumbleweasel, BlendedSpider, DarkPiep

Solo maps

Place Mod Mod author(s)
1 Modalympics theo_the_ape
2 Planetary Pillager Chromatis
3 Dash Digger Dieuwt
3 Dreadnaught abrightmoore


All content created


  1. Template Wands (by MineMaarten)
  2. SuperFlatCustomizer (by ApexModder)
  3. Breadcrumb Trail (by quat1024)
  4. Mob Stacker (by blupilot)
  5. Trebuchet (by cout970)
  6. Fracture (by HellfirePVP)
  7. Vnator (by Vnator)
  8. Dye It Yourself (by Poke1650)
  9. You Are The Mob (by Lemonszz)
  10. Recipe Research (by ZenDarva)
  11. Impart (by The_Icy_One)
  12. Yesterdays (by bms_1984)
  13. Yet Another Simple Teleporter Mod (by UnRealDinnerbone)
  14. Selim's Backpacks (by Selim042)
  15. Text Adventure Commands (by FeyberryJam)
  16. Raining Cats and Dogs (by The_Fireplace)
  17. BitHop (by [Team] Elytra, composed of B0undarybreaker and capitalthree)
  18. Musical Energy (by trentv4)
  19. Stides (by Martacus)
  20. Weeping Angels (by Fril)
  21. Tweakoni (by StrikerRocker and KaptainWutax)
  22. Shotguns & Glitter (by yrsegal, Demoniaque, and Tristaric)
  23. Inventory Generators (by kjmaster2 and Igrek)
  24. Drone Mod (by Suppergerrie2's Drone Mod)
  25. Horse Tweaks (by BlayTheNinth)
  26. EDX Multipart (by Coded)
  27. SubMineOfThieves (by MKTim, D1II1, ewanarends, and Richard_JWZ)
  28. Underwater Rails (by Hennamann)
  29. The Jam Machine (by [Team] AtomicWorkshop, composed of AtomicBlom and WorkshopCraft)
  30. Transistor (by LatvianModder)
  31. Crystals (by amadornes and therealfarfetchd)
  32. The Cactus Mod (by Mrbysco)
  33. Aquatic (by abused_master, UpcraftLP, Epiic_Thundercat, Sekwah, and Sora)
  34. Star Tech, Man! Legendary Mod? (by nictogen)
  35. World of Boxes (by DarkCow)
  36. Endthereal (by SnappyDragon64)
  37. Globe (by iChun)
  38. The Ritual of Chess (by Katrix and Arekkuusu)
  39. World Paint (by Wyn Price)
  40. Runecarved (by DivineAspect, Miner Arcana, and warlordjones)
  41. Jewelers Construct (by Darkhax and Jared)
  42. Demonology (by DanCatchpole)
  43. Practical Space Fireworks (by ExpensiveKoala, gegy1000, and tterrag)
  44. Portality (by Buuz135)
  45. Gens (by [Team] Ladysnake, composed of JamiesWhiteShirt, Pyrofab, and RiverLeviathan)
  46. Da Vinci Craft (by oaster2000)
  47. Immersive Magic (by CrazyGrape and Sandvoxel)
  48. Camera Obscura (by ProfMobius, RazzleberryFox, and Cojomax99)
  49. Pocket Blocks (by Drullkus)
  50. The Monk Mod (by RWTema)


  1. Dreadnaught (by abrightmoore)
  2. One Hit Wonder (by Jigarbov and Cold Fusion)
  3. Sky Control (by Vertex Creations, composed of Chopper2112, marhjo, federick90, Chumbleweasel, BlendedSpider, and DarkPiep)
  4. Dash Digger (by Dieuwt)
  5. Balloon Bash (by SirBenet)
  6. Exploria (by Team Unicorn, composed of Pollieboy and Vilder50)
  7. Respawn Operators (by Geoloswith1993)
  8. The Modalympics (by theo_the_ape)
  9. Planetary Pillager (by Chromatis)
  10. ModJam: The Quest (by Yblocks)
  11. Overhead (by Moesh)