Mob Ignorance

Mob Ignorance
Technical details
First appearance1.0.0
ChaoticKarma Information
Kind of KarmaNegative

Mob Ignorance is a kind of negative perk from ChaoticKarma. It has four tiers, which all require different karma levels, and have different IDs. The Mob Ignorance perks make sets of entities either ignore the player, or not be able to hurt the player. The entities ignored can be modified by different mods.


Tier Default Entities Level ID
One Silverfish, Spiders 750 ChaoticKarma-LevelOneMobIgnorance
Two Skeletons, Zombies, Slime, Cave Spiders, Endermites 500 ChaoticKarma-LevelTwoMobIgnorance
Three Creepers, Magma Slimes, Blazes 250 ChaoticKarma-LevelThreeMobIgnorance
Four Ghasts, Giant Zombies, Witches, Endermen, Guardians, Shulkers 0 ChaoticKarma-LevelFourMobIgnorance

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