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Mo' Minecraft is a mod that adds new Structures, flora, fauna, spells, weapons, tools and more into the game of minecraft.

Currently the mod is available for 1.4.5 and 1.2.5

Books and Spells

ModMo' Minecraft
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Harmless Spell Books

Spell Book Base

To create a spell book of any type you first need to create a Base Spell Book. This is used in every recipe for spells.

Teleport Spell Book

This spell book is self-explanatory. You create it, you throw it and teleport.

Materials:Ender PearlBook
Produces: 1× Teleport Spell Book

Weather Spell Book

This book changes the weather from thunder to sun, from rain to sun and from sun to rain.

Time Spell Book

Changes the time from day to night.

Materials:ClockSpell Book Base
Produces: 1× Time Spell Book

Spawn Point Spell Book

This book when activated will send you to the spawn point, it will NEVER send you to your bed. It may be part of a future update.

Materials:BedSpell Book Base
Produces: 1× Spawn Spell Book

Dangerous Books

Ice Spell Book

This book will fire an entity, much like a snowball. On hitting the ground a 3x3x3 cube of ice will spawn.

Materials:Arctic RodSpell Book Base
Produces: 1× Ice Spell Book

Template:Grid/Crafting Table

Fire Spell Book

This book will fire an entity, much like a fire charge. It will burn any entity or block on impact.

Materials:Flint and SteelSpell Book Base
Produces: 1× Fire Spell Book

Template:Grid/Crafting Table

Removing Durability

There is an alternative to using the 150 durability. You can instead use redstone. Redstone will be consumed by the item 10% of the time.

Template:Grid/Crafting Table

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