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This page is about the Mnemonic Matrix added by Thaumcraft 4. For other uses, see Mnemonic Matrix.
Mnemonic Matrix

ModThaumcraft 4
TypeSolid block
TC4 Aspects






The Mnemonic Matrix is a block added by Thaumcraft 4. It is intended to be used as a supplementary block for the Thaumatorium. Placing it on the side of the Thaumatorium will increase the number of formulae it can keep track of by 2.


Thaumonomicon entry

Up to now alchemy has been somewhat of a hit and miss affair - miscounted aspects, degrading essentia and ingredients that require manual labor to mix. This is finally a thing of the past.

The Thaumatorium is a marvelous invention that allows a thaumaturge to select which formula to use and what catalysts to add. It then automatically draws essentia from available sources using tubes. As long as there is a supply of catalyst it produces the required object perfectly, every time.

The crucible that forms its base does not require water, but a heat source is still needed.

When you access this device you will see several slots. The top-left slot is where you place the catalyst. Once you have done this you will be able to choose which recipe you wish to craft with that catalyst from a list of possibilities in the top right slot.

The bottom bar shows the essentia required in the order they will be required. It will also display progress bars once the machine is in operation.

The created object is ejected out the front of the device or into an inventory placed in front of the ejection port.

Normally a Thaumatorium can only have one active formula, but by attaching a Mnemonic Matrix to its side you can increase the number of formulas it can keep track.

Each matrix increases the number of formulas by 2.