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This page is about the Mixer added by GregTech 6. For other uses, see Mixer.

ModGregTech 6

The Mixer is a processing machine added by GregTech 6. It combines many different fluids and items together, and replaces the Chemical Reactor from previous versions of the mod. Mixer recipes that do not involve acids, gases, or very hot liquids can be performed in the Mixing Bowl.

The Mixer is powered by rotational energy, or RU provided by a turbine or electric motor. For a mixer powered directly by electricity, see Electric Mixer.



The Mixer can take up to six items and/or fluids as inputs, and produce up to one item and two fluids as outputs.

The essential use of the Mixer is to perform a wide variety of chemical reactions, including the creation of acids, oxides, hydroxides, and carbonates from their precursor elements and minerals.

The list of Mixer recipes is far too long to be useful, and all recipes can be found using NEI. Recipes that use or yield liquids must be looked up via the Canning Machine recipe for a Glass Tube containing the liquid, since the liquids themselves are not listed in NEI. Here is a short list of some commonly-used kinds of recipes:

  • to mix Sulfuric Acid using Sulfur Dioxide from a Roaster
  • to mix several other acids using Sulfuric Acid and a mineral
  • to mix alloys using molten metal from a Smelter
  • to make Treated Wood from wood planks and Creosote Oil
  • to create Water-Mixed and Chemical-Mixed dyes from dye items
  • to mix Concrete and Construction Foam, and create Asphalt (Concrete) from molten Asphalt
  • to create Energium dusts from Sapphire and Redstone dusts

The Mixer can also mix some alloys such as Bronze and Brass by combining the metal dusts, but this is not ideal since it will always produce fewer units of alloy than would be produced via the Crucible or Smelter.