Mixer (GregTech 5)

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This page is about the Mixer added by GregTech 5. For other uses, see Mixer.

ModGregTech 5
TypeTile entity
Tooltip textWill it Blend?
Blast resistance10

The Mixer is a machine from GregTech 5. Its purpose is to make all of the alloys that could be otherwise crafted by hand or with an Alloy Smelter, at maximum efficiency, by mixing dusts. Crafting Gunpowder with a Mixer even more efficient than by handcrafting. Unlike the Alloy Smelter, however, the output is in form of dust, instead of ingot, which could be more convenient sometimes. If Applied Energistics 2 is installed, the machine can be used to produce Fluix Crystals.


Like every electric machine in GregTech 5, the Mixer comes in 5 variants, one for each voltage from Low to Insane.

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