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Humidity is one of the features of the Misty World mod, on which many processes in the world depend, as well as the growth of trees and other vegetation. We can conditionally distinguish two types of humidity: relative humidity and humidity of the “wet” blocks.

Relative humidity

It is measured in percent and depends on the temperature and humidity of the Biome, and is also subject to daily fluctuations. In addition, it is influenced by weather, the illumination of the terrain and the position of the measurement point relative to the mist, since the humidity in the mist is always 100 %.

Relative humidity is involved in the process of wetting / drying of many blocks of the Misty World, and in combination with the mist effect, and in the process of their "poisoning".

It can be measured with a hygrometer.

Humidity of wet blocks

It is implemented through a change in the block states and can take only two values ​​(true / false), that is, the "wet" blocks can be either wet or dry. Several factors can influence the wetting / drying process: relative air humidity, weather, proximity to Water and some other blocks, such as Snow, location in the fog zone, and porosity of the block itself.

The moisture content of the block can be determined visually, by the darker shade of the texture, but it affects not only the appearance, but also some other properties of the block.


Another parameter of "wet" blocks, affecting both the process of getting wet / drying, and other processes in the world, for example, plant growth. It can take three values: I (low porosity), II (medium porosity), III (high porosity).

Porosity is expressed in the ability of "wet" blocks to let moisture through a certain distance. In other words, a low porosity block can get wet only in direct contact with water, while a high porosity block gets wet even if two more high porosity blocks separate it from the liquid.

This parameter is involved in the process of leaching of humus from soil blocks.

Wet Blocks

Wet blocks currently include blocks of soil (grass, dirt and humus), Carpet Lichen and Soured Soil, blocks of Sand (regular, red and acid), blocks of Clay (gray and red), Mycelium, Floating Mat, Peat and Sapropel.