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The Geology of the Misty World is very unusual and contradictory. A vertical cut of the surface, not counting the Bedrock, is represented by three different types of stone:

  • Foggy Stone is the topmost layer rising above the surface of the mist and the second hardest in the world. It is difficult to destroy even with a diamond pickaxe. The best tool for its extraction is a Niobium Pickaxe.
  • below is a massive layer of Porous Foggy Stone. This rock type begins with the mark of the surface of the fog and goes deep down to the level of about 30 blocks. Easily destroyed even with a stone pickaxe.
  • the lowest layer is an insurmountable obstacle made of Hard Foggy Stone.


At the moment, it is difficult to judge whether the appearance of a massive layer of porous rock is a consequence of the effect of fog on the stone, or vice versa, it is the presence of this layer in the past that influenced the widespread spread of fog around the world. The only fact that remains obvious is the negative effect of the acidic medium on the rock as such. This can be judged by the processes of erosion, the consequences of which are observed on the walls of canyons below the mark of 126 blocks. However, these processes are very slow, and do not allow us to state with confidence that it was fog that became the reason for the appearance of pores in the stone.