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Climatic zones is a feature of Misty World. They are large landscape massifs with a surface mark of 126 blocks, towering above the upper boundary of the fog, which are also called continents or islands. As a rule, the neighboring "islands" differ from each other in the set of biomes, temperature and humidity, soil composition, flora, and fauna. There are currently 5 climatic zones.

Types of climatic zones

Designation Features and set of biomes Image
Temperate zone
Main biomes: Mixed Forest, Dense Forest, Meadow.

Additional biomes: Lake.

Meadows, as a rule, are located on the border of the zone, however, there are many Meadow zones.

Trees: Foggy Oak, Forest Deceiver, Prickly Tree.

Individual groves of Prickly Trees and Forest Deceivers are often found in the forest biomes.

The zone is primarily composed of forest soil; sandy soil, clay soil, gray clay, Gravel and Sand are also found in smaller quantities. In Meadows, sand is often found on the surface forming vast sand bald spots.

Temperate zone (Misty World).png
Swamp zone
Main biomes: Swamp, Swampy Forest, Swampy Meadow.

Additional biomes: Marsh.

Swampy meadows are mainly located on the border of the zone, but in rare cases can occupy most of the zone. There are often lakes, both ordinary and swampy.

Trees: Swamp Poplar, Weeping Tree, Trembling Tree.

Weeping Trees are only found in the swamps.

The ground in swamp zones are primarily composed of clay soil. It is the only zone to find peat. There are also blocks of floating mat, sapropel, gray clay, and gravel.

Swamp zone (Misty World).png
Cold climate zone
Main biomes: Taiga, Hilly Taiga, Snow Plain.

Additional biomes: Frozen Lowland.

The boundary of the zone is most often made up of Snow Plains; however, this biome can occupy vast territories.

Trees: Foggy Pine, Snowy Tree, Stone Tree.

The Snowy Tree is only found in Hilly Taiga biomes. Stone Trees rarely appear but are found in groups.

The cold climate zone's ground is made up of rocky soil, which can only be found in this area, as well as Gravel deposits and gray clay.

Cold climate zone (Misty World).png
Tropical zone
Main biomes: Jungle, Jungle Hills, Jungle Border.

Additional biomes: Lowland.

The border of the zone is made up of Jungle Border biomes.

Trees: Tropical Tree, Rubber Tree.

The tropical zone is the only area where tropical soil, red sand, and deposits of red clay can be found along with Gravel. Red sand often emerges on the surface forming vast sand bald spots in Jungle Border biomes.

At certain times, one can witness the massive flowering of tropical trees.

Tropical zone (Misty World).png
Hot climate zone
The driest of all zones is the worst suited for farming, as most of the time the moistened blocks are in a dry state.

Main biomes: Savanna, Desert, Dunes.

Additional biomes: none.

Savannas are most often located along the borders of the zone.

Trees: Umbrella Tree, Araucaria.

The hot climate zone's ground is primarily made up of sandy soil. Clay soil, gravel, and dried gray clay can also be found; the latter can be found in dried clay lakes.

Hot climate zone (Misty World).png