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This page is about the Misty World dimension. For the mod, see Misty World.
Misty World
ModMisty World

Misty World is a dimension added by Misty World.


This new dimension that seems quite normal at first glance. However, one detail stands out clearly against the general background. In the distant past, this world something terrible had happened, leaving the world was divided into two parts. One part remained habitable, while the second turned out to be shrouded in a toxic atmosphere deadly to humans. For thousands of years an acrid fog gnawed deep canyons in the earth's crust, at the bottom of which a strange and dangerous life has arisen.

You will to contemplate the seas of the milky haze that enveloped the world, and meet dawns on the lonely islands of life that hold their ground in this long war.

To get to the dimension, you have to pass a small quest. Look into the achievements and, following step by step, you will finally open the portal to the Misty World.


The goal is to create a living, self-developing ecosystem, each element of which has its own life cycle and is closely related to the environment.


The dimension has two areas: a layer of toxic fog that settles at low altitudes and an upper zone above it. The upper zone is a multitude of separate “islands” at y > 125. The temperature, humidity, soil composition (fertility determined by humus, flora and fauna of neighboring islands differ, so the upper part of the world can also be divided into five climatic zones.

In Misty World, trees and other plants grow realistically, and many natural blocks can become wet or dry.

The day cycle influences aspects of the mod like humidity, fog height, and plant growth and reproduction.

Endemic flora and fauna populate the lower levels of the world. Currently a work-in-progress.