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Misc Tweaks

The Misc module of Quark adds various Tweaks.

The Tweaks

The Note Block interface.

  • Auto-jump Toggle Keybind: pressing B (per default) will toggle auto-jump. Moved to the Client module in version r1.3-106.
  • Endermites into Shulkers: Endermites can bury into Purpur, similar to Silverfish burying into Stone. When this happens, the Purpur will transform into a Shulker.
  • Monster Note Blocks: Note Blocks with attached heads/skulls will play the sound they usually make.
  • Panorama Maker: holding CTRL+SHIFT (or CMD+SHIFT on macOS) while taking a screenshot will create 6 screenshots, designed for the main menu. Additionally, the folder "main_menu" in the screenshots folder will override the main menu's panorama. Moved to the Client module in version r1.3-106.
  • Snow Golem Heads: named Snow Golems with a Pumpkin head will drop a head with the same name as theirs if killed by a Witch.
  • Note Block Interface: right-clicking a Note Block will open its interface. This will allow the user to play specific notes like a piano. Left-clicking each piano key will play it. Additionally, each piano key can be toggled by keyboard keys. Introduced in r1.2-78.
  • L to Lock Rotation: pressing "L" (or whatever it may be configured to) will "lock" the rotation of that block. Any blocks placed afterwards will use that block's rotation, regardless of the placer's position and where they are facing. Pressing "L" again will unlock it. Introduced in r1.2-82.
  • Animal Poisoning: feeding a Poisonous Potato to a baby animal will prevent it from growing, and will give it a 10% chance to be poisoned for 3 seconds. Introduced in r1.3-106.
  • Placable Vanilla Dusts: Glowstone Dust and Gunpowder can be placed, similar to Redstone. Glowstone Dust will glow, just like Glowstone, and Gunpowder can be set on Fire and used a fuse for TNT. Gunpowder, when used as a fuse, will burn faster when placed on Netherrack. Introduced in r1.3-112.

    Glowstone Dust and Gunpowder placed in the world.

  • Throwable Dragon Breath: Dragon's Breath can be thrown. If it hits Stone, it will be converted to End Stone. Introduced in r1.3-112.
  • Extra Potions: Adds recipes for the Potion of Haste and Potion of Resistance, and adds the Potion of Danger Sight. Introduced in r1.3-115.
  • Map Markers: crafting together a Map and an Ink Sac will make a Map with a marker on it. Introduced in r1.3-115.


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