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This page is about the Immersive Engineering Mining Drill. For other uses, see Mining Drill.
Mining Drill

ModImmersive Engineering

The Mining Drill is a tool added by Immersive Engineering. It is powered by Biodiesel, and can be filled directly from a Refinery.

The Mining Drill (when crafted) does not come with a Drill Head. It needs either an Iron Drill Head or a Steel Drill Head installed. To install a Drill Head, the Mining Drill should be placed in an Engineer's Workbench, and the corresponding Drill Head should be placed in the top of the four "upgrade slots" (shift-clicking should work though, too).

The Mining Drill can be used without a Drill Head, however, it is slower and less efficient than a Wooden Pickaxe, and not very well worth it. The Drill Head will determine the mining area, level, speed, attack damage and durability of the Mining Drill. Steel is better than Iron, but both are much better than using no Drill Head whatsoever.

The Mining Drill has a special hitting animation. Although it makes each hit look slower, it is nothing but visual.

The Mining Drill does not work underwater- for this, a Pressurized Air Tank upgrade is needed.


The Mining Drill can be upgraded through an Engineer's Workbench. Three slots are available for upgrades (and one more for a Drill Head).

List of Upgrades

The two Drill Heads (the Iron Drill Head and Steel Drill Head) technically count as upgrades, although the drill is rarely used without them.