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This page is about the Mining Charge added by Better With Mods. For other uses, see Mining Charge.
Mining Charge

ModBetter With Mods
TypeSolid block
Technical details
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The Mining Charge is a placed explosive added by Better With Mods. It is placed like a slab on the ground but can also be placed vertically. Unlike TNT, the Mining Charge will drop all the items of the destroyed blocks from it's explosion and will not affect existing items.

The Mining Charge is activated by right-clicking it with Flint and Steel. It is an oriented explosive, meaning the block to which it is attached defined the centre of a strict 3x3x3 cube which will be destroyed on detonation. The Mining Charge will also create a single-block pit in the middle of the blast-hole wall toward which it was facing when detonated.

Block Dispensers will dispense Mining Charges with the fuse already lit, resulting in the Dispenser itself being destroyed.

When breaking Cobblestone with the Mining Charge, it will drop as Piles of Gravel. Similarly, Gravel will drop as Piles of Sand.

Similarly to TNT, the Mining Charge will not affect blocks such as Bedrock or Obsidian.