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Mind Control

ModElectroblob's Wizardry
Mana Cost40
Cooldown150 ticks
Usable by WizardsYes
Technical details
Registry namemind_control
First appearance1.0
Takes control of the target's mind for 30 seconds, causing it switch sides and fight for the caster instead. Will not work on creatures that are too strong-willed.
Spell Book

Mind Control is a spell added by Electroblob's Wizardry.

When cast it will inflict the targeted entity with the Mind Control status effect for 30 seconds, with a range of 8 blocks. This causes the target to ignore the caster, its allies, summoned creatures and other mind controlled mobs, and forces it to attack other targets nearby. Bosses, Wizards and Evil Wizards are immune to this spell.

Wand Range Upgrades increase the range, and Wand Duration Upgrades increase the duration of the status effect.