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Milk Jar

ModCooking for Blockheads
TypeTile entity
Tooltip textMultiblock Kitchen Provides milk to recipes.
Blast resistance0.6
StackableYes (64)
Liquid storage32,000 mB

The Milk Jar is a block added by Cooking for Blockheads. Milk can be stored in this block and retrieved using a Bucket.


Right-clicking the Milk Jar with a Milk Bucket will deposit the milk into the jar. Right-clicking it with an empty Bucket will fill the Bucket with milk if there is enough milk in the jar. The Milk Jar can store 32,000 mB of milk.

If the Milk Jar is connected to a multiblock kitchen, a Cooking Table in the multiblock kitchen will be able to use any milk stored within it for recipes, consuming 1,000 mB of milk from the jar each time milk is required.