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The Microturbine is a RotaryCraft engine. It is the first engine to generate Shaft Power from Jet Fuel.



The microturbine requires Jet Fuel to operate, and once it has spun up to maximum speed, consumes 1 bucket of jet fuel every 4 minutes. During the spin up phase, it consumes slightly more fuel. An Engine Control Unit can be used to turn off the engine and prevent fuel wastage if the engine only needs to be used for a short time.

The microturbine outputs a total of 2.097 MW of power, formed by 131.072 krad/s and 16 Nm of Torque.

Tips And Tricks:

  • The microturbine also does not have the issue of things being sucked into its air intake, unlike the Gas Turbine.
  • Fuel has to be pumped in from the bottom. If you're placing an engine control unit on the bottom, piping the fuel into the ecu will forward it into the engine.
  • The microturbine consumes 250 mB of fuel per minute (4.16mb per second), allowing it to run for 4 minutes on a single bucket of jet fuel.
  • At 0.0625 speed (with an ECU) it uses .5208 milibuckets per second. This makes it about half as fuel efficient as at full speed, unlike with most engines where they become far more efficient at lower speeds.
  • The microturbine takes approximately 100 seconds to speed up to full power.
  • While speeding up, the microturbine consumes significantly more fuel.