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This information pertains to an older version of the mod. This information was changed in Environmental Tech version 3.


ModEnvironmental Tech
TypeSolid block
Blast resistance6

Mica is a block added by Environmental Tech. It can be obtained from any tier of Void Resource Miner.

It is used to craft various modifiers, such as the Accuracy Modifier, as well as Ranged and Personal Nano Bot Beacons, or it can be used as a decorative block.


Void Resource Miner

Main article: Void Resource Miner
Tier Chance

Clear Laser Lens
Preferred (
White Laser Lens)
1 0.42% 4.71%
2 0.62% 4.88%
3 0.83% 5.05%
4 1.04% 5.23%
5 1.24% 5.4%
6 1.44% 5.57%