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Meteor Shield

ModFalling Meteors Mod

The Meteor Shield is a block added by the Falling Meteors Mod. As the name applies, it's used to destroy meteors from falling. It can also collect the materials from the meteor that had been destroyed.

The Meteor Shield emits light.


The Meteor Shield must first be charged before being used. It takes about a minute for this to happen; if you throw a Meteor Chip into the bypass slot the process is skipped (the bypass slot has an (aesthetic) Meteor Chip in it's background). The shield

The strength of the shield is caused by the Power Level, or the amount of Red Meteor Gems in it. The max Power Level is five; the shield, by default has a Power Level of one. Adding a Red Meteor Gem to the shield will raise the Power Level to two, adding another gem will raise the level to three, etc. The Power Level determines the range of the shield: the Power Level, times sixty-four, is the range in blocks for the shield.

Any Comets that fall within the range of the shield will show up on the shield's GUI. Comets can be blocked from falling if configured to do so. Comets being destroyed/blocked is off by default, as Comets do not destroy much terrain, if any.

When a Meteor is blocked, the shield collects some of the blocks and items that the meteor was created out of. Eight slots are in the right of the GUI for storing those various blocks and items.


In some older versions of the mod, the recipe is different.