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Metallurgy 4
Current developersTeam Metallurgy
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10
Depends onMetallurgy Core
ATLauncher packs:
A Bit Of Everything
Technic packsː
CurseForge packsː
Material Energy^4
Material Energy Natural Capital

Metallurgy 4 is a mod by Team Metallurgy that enhances its ore system. Metallurgy 4 is the spiritual successor to Metallurgy 3 and adds 45 new ingot types, along with some other useful items such as the Ore Finder (added by Metallurgy Core), the Drawer, and Fertilizer. It also comes with some miscellaneous materials that can be used for various purposes such as making gold, gunpowder, and ender pearls. Most of these materials have their own traits, tools, and armor, and all of them can be used as substitutes for iron in certain vanilla recipes. The traits of each material can be individually altered in the config file. Many of the metals also` have their own ores which can be found in either The Overworld, The Nether, or The End. In addition to the classic blocks, Metallurgy ingots can also be crafted into decorative bricks. Another feature of Metallurgy 4 is its TNT variants. While mostly functional, they lack recipes. Metals added by the mod come with molten forms and innately support Tinkers' Construct smelteries.

Metallurgy 4 adds several machines that can be used to process the metals added by the mod. These machines include a lava-powered furnace, a furnace fuel-powered crusher, an alloyer that combines and smelts dusts, and a device that turns ingots into experience.

The ingots are separated into six categories, which can be found here. Note that these are the values for Metallurgy 3, and may not be wholly accurate for Metallurgy 4.

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