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Metallurgy 3
Current developersTeam Metallurgy
Supported Minecraft versions1.6.4
Depends onKeithyUtils
Feed The Beast packs:
New World Mod Pack
ATLauncher packs:
Vanilla Overhaul
Yogscast Complete Pack
CurseForge packs:
Material Energy^3

Metallurgy 3 is a mod by Team Metallurgy that enhances Minecraft's ore system. It completely replaces vanilla Minecraft's ore spawning system with its own, that has no height limit; this can be disabled in the config file. Metallurgy 3 adds over 48 new metal types. These metals can be found in specific dimensions. Some metals are only found in The Overworld, some The Nether, and some The End.

Metallurgy 3 also adds its own special machines, which are used to process all of the different metals added by the mod. Metals can be alloyed into new metal alloys by combining dusts shapelessly.

Metallurgy 3 is no longer being updated, and is now Metallurgy 4.


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