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This page is about the AcademyCraft Metal Former. For the IndustrialCraft2 Metal Former, see Metal Former.
Metal Former


The Metal Former is a machine added by AcademyCraft, used for creating some basic components in AcademyCraft, such as Constraint Metal Plate, Imag Silicon Wafer, and Refined Iron Plate. It is also able to create several special items (like Silicon Barn and Coin) which are required for using certain abilities.

The Metal Former requires Imag Flux (IF) energy to run. It can be provided via a wireless IF energy network or manually using Energy Unit.

The Metal Former has four modes: Plate Crushing, Refining, Incising, and Etching. Plate Crushing mode can process ingot into plate; Refining makes Metal Former work as ore duplicator; while both Incising and Etching are for creating components. The current mode can be switched by clicking the mode icon above progress bar.