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Metal Caster

TypeTile entity
EU storage40,000 EU
RF storage40,000 RF

The Metal Caster is a machine added by Foundry. It is used to cast liquid metal into items using molds.


Foundry 2

Main article: Foundry 2


Main article: Foundry


The Metal Caster takes liquid metals and casts them into items or blocks using molds. This machine requires 10,000 Energy (accepts Redstone Flux (RF) or Energy Units (EU) ) to cast an item. It can store up to 40,000 Energy internally. To create a mold, craft a Blank Soft Mold then place the Mold and the item with the shape to be created in a crafting table (for example, placing any pickaxe and a Blank Soft Mold into the Caster creates a Pickaxe Mold). When crafting a Mold the item used as a shape is not consumed. Once the mold is crafted it then needs to be hardened in a furnace. Some recipes require extra items to cast (for example: 2 sticks are needed in the extra slot to cast a pickaxe).