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Mechanical Power is a form of energy added by Better With Mods. It has no magnitude or direction, it is simply on or off.

Mechanical Power can be generated by Windmills, Water Wheels, or Creative Mechanical Generators. However, the Hand Crank can also provide it in a non-transferrable form. Mechanical Power is transferred only through Gearboxes and Axles. Mechanical Power is necessary for the function of a variety of blocks and machines listed below.

Mechanical Power can also be tweaked by other mods. An example would be Better With Engineering that provides compatibility between Mechanical Power and other mods.

Mechanical blocks

Below is a table giving a run down of all the blocks which work with Mechanical Power.

Type Information
Name Description Type of power
Hand Crank Provides early game manual power generation with limited usability. The power cannot be transmitted. Intermittent
Wind Mill Provides power generation, no blocks can be above it. Can also be dyed. Requires air flow. Continuous
Vertical Windmill Provides power generation, may have blocks above it. Can also be dyed. Requires air flow. Continuous
Water Wheel Provides an advanced type of power generation. It requires water. Does not require air flow. Continuous
Creative Mechanical Generator Provides infinite power generation from all sides, only obtainable through creative mode or console commands. Continuous
Name Description
Axles (See: Wooden Axle / Steel Axle) Transmits continuous power. Can be used as a stand for certain generators. Has limited range. Can be rotated by right-clicking.
Gearboxes (See: Wooden Gearbox / Steel Gearbox) Relays and distributes continuous power (with the help of axles). Can be disabled with a Redstone signal and rotated by right-clicking.
Name Description Required type of power
Bellows Stokes fires. Any
Spring Action Bellows W.I.P ?
Mill Stone Provides a method of item processing. Any
Pulley Enables the use of elevators and gates, as well as upward item transfer. Continuous
Filtered Hopper Dumps inventory and EXP when powered (falls from the bottom of the block). Also prevents hopper from breaking when overfilling with souls. Continuous
Saw Provides methods of item processing, mob farming, and automation. Continuous
Turntable Provides a method or creating pottery, Redstone clocks, and block rotation. Continuous
Cauldron Stores fluids. Dumps its inventory when powered. Continuous
Crucible Dumps its inventory when powered. Continuous
Mysterious Vessel Collects and stores EXP. When powered it will dump all of it into the world. Continuous
Mechanical Booster Rail Boosts Minecart movement when it passes over the Rail. Continuous
Screw Pump Allows water to move upwards. Continuous