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Meat Grinder

ModFantastic Beasts and How To Eat Them
TypeSolid block

The Meat Grinder is a block from Fantastic Beasts and How To Eat Them. It is used to create Ground Meat and Sausages. Currently, only Raw Beef and the meat items from the mod (including the cooked meats).

It is not currently obtainable without cheats.


The Meat Grinder requires a tip to be added to it before it can refine meats. Currently, there are two tips: the Extruder Plate creates Ground Meat, and the Sausage Extruder creates Sausages. One of these can be added to a single Meat Grinder at a time by right clicking the grinder with the item.

For the Sausage Extruder, a Tripe needs to be added on top of the extruder to function as a sausage wrapper. This can be done by right clicking the grinder with the Tripe.

To begin grinding meat, add any meat by right clicking the grinder with the item. Once everything is in place, its handle can be rotated in order to process the meat. Visually, the meat item will be moved into the grinder, and then extruded out the front. The item will drop nearby the grinder.

The grinder's tip can be removed, if it has no meat inside, by right clicking it with an empty hand.