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Measurement Gauges

ModArchimedes' Ships
TypeSolid block

The Measurement Gauges are an optional ship in-game addon featured in Archimedes' Ships.

When equipped to a ship, they will show:

  • Movement speed (top right gauge)
  • Compass direction facing north (top left gauge)

And for airships, they will also show:

  • Ascent/Descent speed (bottom right gauge)
  • Height (bottom left gauge)

They come in two different types- one for an airship and another for a regular ship. Despite this the name of the two types is exactly the same, the only difference is the crafting recipe.


Measurement Gauges are crafted with one Redstone, two Gold Ingots, two Iron Ingots and four Glass Panes.

The recipe for a regular ship:

The recipe for an airship: