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This page is about the Matter Replicator added by Matter Overdrive. For other uses, see Matter Replicator.
Matter Replicator

ModMatter Overdrive
Tooltip textReplicates Items and Blocks from Matter Plasma
Blast resistance27
Liquid storage1,024 mB
Max RF input512,000 RF/t
RF storage512,000 RF

The Matter Replicator is a machine added by Matter Overdrive. It is used to convert Matter Plasma and Redstone Flux into blocks or items following patterns stored in Pattern Storages.

Items can be requested to be created using a Pattern Monitor in the same Matter Network as the Matter Replicator. Matter Plasma and Redstone Flux will then be consumed as it creates the requested item.

The replication has a chance to fail, patterns scanned at 100% have a 0.5% chance to do so and patterns scanned less have a much higher chance to fail. When this happens Matter Dust with the same matter value as the requested item is created instead. This dust needs to be turned into Refined Matter Dust in a Matter Recycler in order to be turned back into Matter Plasma in a Matter Decomposer.

While working it emits radiation, applying Nausea, Weakness I, Hunger I and Poison I to nearby entities, with closer entities being affected for longer. These effects can be reduced by putting Tritanium Plates in the appropriate slot, with 5 plates completely negating the radiation.

The amount of time and Redstone Flux needed to create one item are given by the following formulas:


  • time is the time in ticks the replication will take
  • rf is the amount of Redstone Flux the replication will cost
  • matter is the matter value of the item being replicated


"Matter Overdrive"

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