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Matter Cannon

ModApplied Energistics

The Matter Cannon is a weapon added by Applied Energistics. It fires Nuggets and Matter Balls as ammunition, with heavier materials doing more damage.

The Matter Cannon must be loaded and charged before use. When loading, the Matter Cannon behaves like a pre-formatted Storage Cell, only accepting items that can be used as ammunition. It can be charged in an ME Power Relay, or any other compatible charging block (e.g. an Industrial Craft 2 MFE or Thermal Expansion Energetic Infuser).


  1. Place the Matter Cannon in the Storage Cell slot of an ME Drive or ME Chest
  2. Add ammunition items to the ME Network (if needed)


The matter cannon will take any metal Nugget (e.g. Lead Nuggets) or matter balls as ammunition. Not all Nuggets will count as ammunition (e.g. Meat Nuggets). Damage is variable depending on how heavy the metal would be in real life.

Damage examples:

Item Damage

3 hearts

11 hearts

6 hearts

1 heart

The "weights" of nuggets are not always logical.


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