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Current developersjoshie
Version1.7.10: 1.3.0-6
1.7.2: b12
1.6.4: 1.2.2f
Supported Minecraft versions1.6.4-1.7.10
Needed forEx Aliquo
Unstable 1.7.x
Magic Farm 2:Adventures in Technology
Agrarian Skies: Hardcore Quest

Mariculture is a mod by joshie that expands on the aquatic environment of vanilla Minecraft. It adds many new fish to farm, world generation, machines used to process fish, and more loot to obtain through fishing. Mariculture also adds its own very unique feature, fish breeding, which can be used to obtain resources. Mariculture machines run on and use Redstone Flux. Mariculture is divided up into 7 modules: Aesthetics, Diving, Factory, Fishery, Magic, Transport, and World Plus. Each can be turned on and off in the modules.cfg file inside the config folder of Mariculture.

Joshie's other mod, Enchiridion, adds native support for Mariculture. Mariculture is required for Ex Aliquo to run. Mariculture adds support for many popular mods. With Blood Magic installed, Mariculture will add the Bound Fishing Rod. There is a configuration option that will toggle Coral and Kelp generating in Biomes O' Plenty biomes, and it will add temperature and salinity for the Biomes O' Plenty biomes. Forestry bees can be crafted into Bee Bait, which is used for fishing, and it adds its own Aquatic Backpack. With Hunger Overhaul installed, Mariculture will balance its food automatically to fit with that mod. Mariculture adds automatic NEI integration. Railcraft and Mariculture are integrated by being able to melt steel tools in Mariculture machines, and Mariculture items can be made in the Rolling Machine. With Thermal Expansion installed, a couple of Pulverizer recipes will be added, as well as some other recipes. Mariculture Titanium can be used to create Tinkers' Construct tools, and there is a Pearl Modifier for those tools. Mariculture items and blocks will automatically have Thaumcraft aspects added to them. WAILA will show the contents of the Mariculture Vat.

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